Send me pictures

I’m hungry.

I want to see your body.

I want you to give me a tour of it, to show me how it looks from every angle.

I want to see your curves, the shapes of your breasts, your hips, your thighs, your calves.

I want subtlety, teasing. Don’t send me crass, crude, close-ups. Look at my Tumblr. Be inspired by the shots there.

You shouldn’t fill the shot, but neither should you be imperceptible in it.

Show me your thighs, your ass, your cleavage, your neck, your eyes. Show me your lips, your tongue, your back. Show me your calves, your hips.

Be dressed, or at least partially dressed. But slide your clothes to the side to give me glimpses of just a little more than most people see when they see you dressed.

And whatever you do, keep them coming.


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