You are wearing jeans.


Underneath? Black cotton panties.

I rub your pussy through your jeans. It’s hot – so hot I can feel the heat through the jeans.

I unbutton just the top button of the jeans. No – the top two. There are several more to go.

I slide my hand down, under the jeans, over the panties. My palm facing down, I press my hand, flat, against the panties, against your clit, against your pussy.

You arch up, rising toward my hand.

I pull my hand up as you arch, denying you the pressure you seek.

I slide my hand up a bit, and slide a finger under the waistband – just one.

The elastic stretches out, my finger slides down, feeling the faint trace of pubic hair. I withdraw my finger, and again, press the flat of my hand against your panties.

They’re not just hot; they’re wet.

I unbutton another button of your jeans.

And another.

And the last one.

Your jeans are open in a “V”.

My hand slides down, down, under the jeans, past your pubis, and I reach between your legs, and pull up – my middle three fingers pulling your panties, your cunt, up toward me. I slide your panties to the side with my middle finger, and trace a line along the edge of your lips. You’re dripping wet. Your lips are wet, and I briefly slide my finger into you, then out.

I pull my hand out of your panties, and up to my face. I sniff my finger. You smell sweet, musky, familiar.

I send my hand back down, into you. I reach in. With my middle finger I stroke the roof of your pussy, that spot some people say is the G-spot. I rub your clit with my thumb.

Do you want more fingers? Two? Three? Four?

Do you want me to fuck you fast with my hand? Hard? Or do you want me to concentrate on vibrating your clit?

Will you squirt from my stroking your alleged g-spot? Will you lose control?

How long til you cum?

Should I let you?

Should I make you beg?


  1. First time I read and stumbled upon your blog… I should stumble upon more often…

    Yum yum yum, I’m already out of breath.

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