Instructions (requests? suggestions?)

You inspire me. As always.

You may not see this. Then again, you may. In any event – what I write here, I write with the lightest possible pen. Though I’ve titled this “Instructions,” you’ll note I’ve softened even the title parenthetically. Truthfully, we both know that, even if you do read this, it may be off-key. I may not be where you are. You may not be where I am. Until we meet, there’s, alas, no way for me to know. And so…. What I write here, now, you may do with as you wish.

You may, if you wish, execute these instructions faithfully. You may receive them as instructions, and you may choose to give me the gift of adhering to them to a tee.

You may, if you wish, ignore them entirely, dismissing them as “simply not where [you are].”

You may do anything in between. You may imagine what it would be like to comply with them, to give me what I ask, to do as I say, and give yourself, one, two, or ten orgasms as you imagine that. And then, you may ignore them when the actual time comes.

You may pick and choose from among these instructions, selecting some among them as consistent with where you are and others as less so.

You can’t help but please me, so I’m not too concerned with which among these, or a million other, paths you choose. Though, of course, I do have preferences.

All that said:

  1. Jeans, please. Comfortable, soft jeans, that show off your glorious curves for me.
  2. A diaphonous white top, if you will. Not transparent. But sheer enough to allow me (and everyone else) to glimpse the outline of the bra beneath.
  3. A white bra. Lacy, preferably. To draw my (and everyone’s) eyes to the outlines of your lovely, perfect breasts.
  4. Black bikini briefs. I won’t see them. No one will but you. But we’ll both know that I’ve chosen, and, if you choose, you’ve complied.
  5. If I might… please consider inking the letters “For N.” on your ankle. As if a little tattoo. And a combination of shoes/socks that allows the letters to be seen, if the jeans are pulled up just a smidge.

As I said: I don’t presume to ask you to do any of this. What I presume is that reading this will give you some options, and that your reactions to those options will, themselves, be useful information for us both.

If, you know, you see this at all. 😉

But white. And just a little more translucent than this....

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