Photographic assignments

Over the last few years, a number of women have kindly graced me with their photographic efforts. Not as many as you might think, but quite a few. Over time, I’ve learned what I like (generally – thighs/pussies in panties, legs open; asses; eyes; hair; breasts, more often clothed than not) and what I don’t (generally – nudity, close-ups). And, to ask for it.

I’m intrigued both by how similar my requests to different women over the years have been and how different they all feel to me. If I ask two women to replicate identical photos (which I don’t do) or to execute an identical assignment, to me, it would feel profoundly different. The relational context in which my requests happens matters. A lot. Contemplating two women executing the same instructions feels profoundly different. We have different relationships. They have different personalities, different photographic styles, different ways of complying, different bodies.

Over the coming days, I will share photographic requests I’ve made over the years. They might be requests I made today, or yesterday. They might be requests I made a year, or two, or three ago. They might be requests I’ll make tomorrow.

Here’s the first: I made this request recently (and have made slightly varying versions of it in the past):

I want to see your pussy, and your ass, in every pair of panties you own.

I recognize this might take a bit of time, but, ideally, I’d like to see batches of three.

So – to be clear – this means a front view and a rear view, legs open in each, of each pair of panties you own on your pussy, on your ass.

I hope one day to tell you more about the lovely woman of whom I made this request…. In the mean time, here’s a lovely woman of whom I didn’t make this request, but who might well have inspired it:













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