Do this for me, would you?

Undress for me, slowly.

Imagine I’m watching you.

Perform for me.

Unbutton your top slowly, teasingly, as if you were teasing me. Imagine my eyes on you, riveted, dancing up and down between your eyes, your mouth, your chest, your pussy, your ass, as you undulate for me.

Imagine my cock is in my hand, that I’m stroking it, slowly, slowly, as it grows harder.

Unbutton the top further, down to your waist. Ease one shoulder down. Ease the other down. Slowly reveal for me your bra, your cleavage. Run a finger seductively along the curve of your breast. Make me crazy with the desire that it be my finger on you. Lick your finger. Do it again.

Remove your top.


Now you’re standing there, in jeans and a bra. You look so fucking hot for me.

Now turn around, so I can, so I could, see your ass, your back. Bend over a bit as you reach around to unclasp the bra. I’ll be watching – imagine I am. And slowly, slowly, remove the bra. I wouldn’t quite be able to see your breasts yet – your back, your ass, still are facing me.

And stand up, slowly, and turn back, showing me your breasts, your belly.

Snake a hand down, into your jeans. Dip a finger into your pussy for me. Are you wet? Is your pussy dripping yet?

Take your finger out and lick it. Show me how delicious you taste.

Unbutton your jeans. Imagine, once more, still, that I’m watching, my eyes can’t leave you, my hand can’t leave my cock. Now, it’s stroking faster.

And as you open the front of your jeans, slide your hand down again, this time, pressing your panties against your pussy.

Shimmy out of those jeans for me.

Take them off.

And slide your hand once more into your panties, into your pussy. Rub your clit for me. I’m stroking my cock for you, faster, faster.

And you’re rubbing your clit, you’re fingering yourself, faster, faster.

Your hips are gyrating a bit as you imagine me watching you, as you imagine watching me, as you press your hand against your clit, your fingers into you.

When you cum, imagine me shooting my cum up toward you at the same moment.

Because I will be.


    1. I really need to screw you and suck on you.. Probably lick you till you scream mmm have to lick you’re pussy

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