I want you to lie before me.

I want you to open the top button of your jeans, no more.

Run your hand up the inside of your thigh, tickling you just a little, as you climb your thigh toward your crotch.  When you get there, press, gently, against the seam of your pants, into your cunt.

Is it wet?  Is it warm?  Is it aching?

Slide your hand higher, up to the button you just undid.  Undo one more.

Slide your hand down, into your jeans, but not under the waistband of your panties – panties I selected for you this morning.  Touch the crotch of the panties with your finger.  Is it wet yet?

If it is, pause, for just a moment, to bring your finger up to your nose, to smell the smell of your cunt, ready, waiting.

If it isn’t, press the fabric into you.  Press until the sensation of the fabric is stronger in your cunt than on your finger.  Now, are your panties wet yet?

Bring your hand up, just a few inches, to the waistband of your panties.  As you pinch your nipple, through your blouse, through your bra, with your other hand.

And slide your hand down, under your panties, to your clit.  With your middle finger, tickle your clit ever so slightly.  I want to watch your eyes as your finger makes contact:  will they roll up in your head?  Will they flutter shut?  Will they remain fixed, staring, into mine?  As I stroke my cock, slowly, slowly, watching you?

Now, slide your finger a bit further down, to your slit, to where it is now slick with excitement.  Push your finger up into you, as you bring your other hand down to help.  Unbutton the last of your buttons and if you need to shimmy out of your jeans just a bit, please go ahead.

Now slide your other hand under your waistband as well.  As you finger yourself with one hand, begin to touch your clit once more with the other.

Do you imagine that soon you’ll have my cock in your mouth?  That soon, I’ll fuck your cunt, filling it, filling you?

Do you imagine that my desire for you is coursing through my cock?  Do you see how hard it makes me to watch you as you touch yourself?

Do you see how much I want you?  How difficult it is for me not to take you at this moment, not to fuck you fast and furiously?

But I won’t.  I want to watch your orgasm, to time mine so we cum together, to hold your gaze as we both explode with pleasure.


  1. if only it was this easy.

    if only I could come this way. Hmm

    I do love fabric pressing up against my pussy. It slides up nicely since I’m already wet.

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