Today’s fantasy

Let’s perform for one another.

Stand in front of me. I’ll be sitting, stroking my cock through my jeans. You’ll be standing in front of me, in jeans of your own. Your legs will be spread for me, the top button of your jeans undone, so you can slide your hand down under the denim, under the white cotton of your panties, to your clit, to your slick cunt.

We both will move slowly, wordlessly, deliberately. Our eyes will be locked on one another, fluttering down periodically to take in what the other is doing with her, his hand. Our hips will be in sync, pressing forward, not quite bucking, but arching toward pleasure. You may lift yourself up on your tiptoes.

At some point, I’ll ease my cock out of my jeans. You’ll lick your lips and maybe lower your jeans below your hips.

Will you join me?

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