Lilly rides again

Fans of my “Orgasms” page will no doubt be familiar with Lilly La Fosse, who has provided us with five orgasms to date. Today, I’m pleased to bring you the sixth in a series – her third ever G-spot orgasm, she says. We were lucky enough to listen to one here. (At the time, you’ll see, she said she had had a “few.” (Memory’s a funny thing.) This one I like because of all her cursing. I mean, there’s not a lot, but there’s some. In her previous recordings, there’s never been (as I recall) more than a “shit” or a “fuck” at the end. But this time, we get ‘em all….

AND – a super-hot picture.

Lilly – I know I speak for all my readers when I say – MORE. And really, even if I don’t speak for them, I want more.

This is what she had to say about this new addition to her growing oeuvre:

I went for the g spot using my toy, deep inside, pumping it in and out quickly. Sometimes pulling it all the way out and slowly back in. Sometimes driving it in and grinding…stopping to play with my clit. Stopping to lick my own juices.

I think i got overly excited when the orgasm started and let go of the toy, somewhat diminishing the wave that was washing over me. It was still intense…my third ever g spot orgasm. I’m soaked. My panties are drenched. I can still smell myself on my fingers. My ears are ringing…damn.

That was good.

And without further ado, here it is. Enjoy!  And happy Frisky Friday.

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