Lilly cums for us

I’ve played you a few of Lilly’s orgasms (here, here and here) before.  On the one hand, they all sound alike – she has a rhythm, a pattern.  She starts slow, quiet, and then ramps up, and accelerates into fevered, deep, heavy breathing, and then quickly, there’s a wind-down, a slowing of the breath.  For me, listening to them in succession is especially hot – just getting a feel both for the similarities and the subtle differences, as well as imagining the simple volume of self-delivered ecstasy represented in these recordings, is enough to get my cock rock-hard.

Here she is once more .  I hope you get off listening to it.  I just did.  This one has a longer, more intense period, and it comes a bit more quickly than the others.

And of course, though we’ve never met, I know what she looks like.  I can describe for you her eyes – they look blue/green in the pictures, but since every picture I’ve seen has been taken by a phone, I can’t tell definitively.  Her hair?  Blonde.  Shoulder-length.  Straight.  She has a snaking, curving tongue.  I know because she’s sent me a video in which she seductively demonstrates its abilities.  Her breasts are pert, perky, not tiny, but not that big – I’d guess B cup or maybe C, but I can’t really tell (though she’s sent some deliciously teasing glimpses down her blouse).

And now, just to tease me, and you, she has sent the following – which she assures is precisely what you might imagine.  I wish the handrail of the toilet weren’t visible, but whatchagonnado?


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