Another orgasm

This one wasn’t recorded specifically for me, for this blog, and so for that reason, it’s a little less hot for me than the others posted on my Orgasms page, but still…. It’s hot, and I sort of like the idea of hosting Dangerous Lilly’s orgasms.  Who knows?  Maybe she’ll give us more, over time, recorded just for me/us?  Wouldn’t that be hot?  I know I’d like that.  (If you don’t know Dangerous Lilly, you should definitely check out her blog, which is awesome, and smart, and sexy, and funny.  And is the home of Wanton Wednesday.)

In any event, this here is an orgasm Lilly (a different Lilly, it should be said, than the other Lilly whose orgasms I’ve featured) gave herself on the side of the road, in a car, with traffic rushing by.  You can even hear the cars as she’s moaning.  If you want to read about the context in which this orgasm took place, just go here.

It peaks just before a minute in to the 1:21 session.

Yum, and thanks, Lilly, for suggesting I link to you.

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