What’s a submissive guy to do?

“I ran across your blog and was compelled to write you. I was taken back by your confidence and the ability you have to entertain many relationships. it opened my eyes. I am a normal guy struggling with a submissive side. I am not sure where I go from here. I just wanted to say you are very open and I appreciate your thoughts. I wish you luck.”

I got this, and replied: “Thanks so much! I wish you good luck! (What do you mean ‘struggling’? I’d love to hear more.)”

Shortly afterwards: “I just never thought I would fantasize about being in a submissive role. I think most girls enjoy guys like you who are more dominant. in reading your blog it seems so easy for you to attract woman and give them what they need.”

Pause. I devote ungodly amounts of effort to finding suitable partners. “Easy” is not a word I’d EVER use. (More on this in another post to come.)

Here’s what I said: “Umm, no. The blog makes it MUCH easier, because women can read about me and either learn I’m not for then, or that I am. But I encounter LOTS who tell me they are dominant.”

“you encounter dominant woman? I  need to meet one. lol. its amazing how you have so many girls.my god”

I got his permission to post here. I referred him to Domme Chronicles and Dumb Domme. And I turn to you.

Dominant women? Advice? Submissive men? Anyone? How do you suggest he proceed? Sounds like he’s just at the front end of exploring his submissive impulse.


    1. Hope not. That would be as dull as most of the male porn makes female domination seem. Most likely your reader is one of many men who have an impression of male submission from pornography. It all looks good to them. His best option is to find a local BDSM group and get to know real people, real women Doms. Avoid a lot of FemDom porn because it’s all as fake as money can buy.

      Also, submission is not just about sex. So the lying on the bed thing will only happen if she wants him that way.

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