A whole different kind of orgasm

I got this a week ago, from a far-away woman (I can’t really call her a “distant buddy” – we haven’t had that much contact).

Here’s what she wrote:

You make it so deliciously easy to imagine me being the woman in those writings, the one getting to be teased, to feel your dick against my face, to get to suck your dick.. and to come for you.

… I’m fairly convinced that MY orgasm isn’t even remotely as hot as any of the ones you recieved allready.

Still, I’ve wanted to send you mine for a long time. I hope you enjoy it a little atleast.

I lingered in bed this morning for a bit longer then normal, wearing a plum coloured satin slipdress. I don’t usually wear anything while sleeping, but when I play with myself I like to start off wearing something, and the feel of satin brushing against my skin is so sensual. my hands explore my breasts, tease my nipples and a small hot pink layaspot vibrator is nestled against my folds, working it’s buzzing magic against my clit. It’s louder then I want it to be, but I need the power of it on full to come, I wish it was easier to come. the wait is delicious though. Today I have little problem coming. Part of it is excitement about recording it for YOU, part of it is reading that last incredibly horny encounter you posted on your blog, although now it is me working that hitatchi wand, working you..

Thank you, for listening and for writing….

She’s wrong. It is hot. It’s insanely hot, a whole different species of orgasm than all those I’ve published previously. (FWIW, I never compare – anything. At least I try not to. So the question of whether it’s “as hot as…” is uninteresting to me.) In any event, she’s vocal, animal, in a way that none of the other women who’ve bestowed their pleasure on me has been. I listened to this on the subway, wearing headphones, and I was scared the people in the train would hear. Seriously.

Check her out. Listen here.


  1. I’ve listened to naughty audio msgs while driving (recordings from my distant buddies). I’m afraid people will look at me and know I’m listening to something bad 😉

  2. What a lucky man you are…… and the bit about you listening on headphones on the way to work made me giggle. Quite a mental image there…


  3. The fact that she was brave enough to record herself is braver than I would ever be… beautiful and I agree HOT

    1. It’s funny. I’ve recorded a number of my orgasms, but never shared one with the WORLD. Recording? That doesn’t seem to me courageous. Sharing it with the world? A bit more so….

  4. Holy crap, that scared the animals in my midst when I listened to it. Seriously, both canine and feline critters jumped and gathered. So, yeah, animal is a perfect description for the hotness.

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