Folly, part 5

[Don’t miss P’s orgasm, at the end of this post….]

Some minutes pass. I stroke your hair, gently. I hadn’t imagined how easy this all would be. I knew it would be fun, but now, as I hold your head, as I slip out of your mouth, your smile and mine meet, and it’s easy.

“The game is tied,” I say.  “And thanks for not biting.”

Some more minutes pass.  We chat, debrief.  “I really liked it when you…” we both start to say, simultaneously.

Then we giggle, and stop talking.

Our fingers trace lines along one another’s flesh.  Mine, along your lips, cheeks, neck.  Yours, along my chest, shoulders, neck.

And slowly, slowly, our hands drift down, down, past one another’s shoulders, ribs, hips, and we’re squeezing and stroking one another’s asses.

I pull you toward me as my cock starts twitching, hard, again.

I stroke myself just a few times, and I’m full-on hard.

Without a word, I flip you over, and pull your hips up toward me as I kneel behind you.  Your ass rises off the bed, and as it does so, I slide my cock into your pussy.  I pull you back, gently, onto me.  You moan as I fill you, as I reach around with my right hand to touch your clit while my cock slides, and stays, deep inside you.  I pull you tight against me, first by your pubis, then by your tits.  We’re not moving – we’re just resting, my cock deep in you, against the bottom of your cunt (it has an upward curve, my cock does).

And then, slowly, I start sliding in and out, holding your body, firmly, in place, pushing down on your shoulders, your face turned to the side, pressing into a pillow.  I press down more firmly on your shoulders as I pick up the pace, first sliding in and out more quickly, and then, then, pounding, hard, in and out.  As my balls slap against you, I hold you down with one hand now, the other, smacking your ass, hard.

The bed is rocking, the headboard bouncing against the wall.  Though I’m holding you down, hard, firmly, your hips are straining backward to meet my thrusts.  My hand reaches around again, and I’m touching your clit, pressing it, hard, as I pound deep into you.

And then, I flip you over, managing to stay in as I do so, and lying down, hard, on you.  Putting all of my weight in my chest, on your chest, pressing against your breasts.  I reach under your ass and squeeze your cheeks up toward me as I thrust down, once more, deep inside of you.  I cover your mouth with mine, kissing you hard, deep.  I pull one hand out from under your ass and cup your head, so I can hold your head against mine, keep you from pulling back even an inch as my tongue presses against yours.

“I’m not going to cum like this,” you manage to say, breathlessly.

“I know,” I say.  “Me neither.”

And we resume.

More fucking.  Missionary.  Side-by-side.  You on top.  Spun around, reverse cowboy.

Finally, you say, “I’m getting sore.  I need to cum.”

“Ok,” I say, and I pull my cock out of you, and lower my mouth, once again, to your pussy.  (Did I mention how sweet you taste?)

It takes only a moment before you shudder and moan and cry out, bucking, squeezing my head, hard, between your thighs.

And just a moment later, I lift myself up, so I can finish myself off, spewing cum all over your chest, rubbing it in, around, and finally, collapsing in a heap.

“Thanks,” I say.  “I’m glad you came.”


Here‘s the awesome sound of P cumming, after reading this.


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