For those who care, today this blog passed 10,000 page views.  [note:  that was wrong – it was more like 18,000 – I misread my stats.  Oh well.]  That sounds like more than it is, but still.  I think I’ll celebrate by writing something hot for you.  This isn’t it, though.  This is just a little musing on web traffic.

The chart (after the jump) shows traffic to my blog over the last month.  I began blogging on December 3, but didn’t really pick up steam til the end of December.  The blue line is daily visits, through yesterday, according to Google Analytics; the red, the seven-day moving average.  (Don’t click through unless this shit is interesting to you; if it’s not, just don’t click through, and read the smut below.)


The numbers are small, but the data-cruncher in me has learned some interesting things:  first off, there’s a pretty steady mix of new vs. returning viewers – about 70% of readers each day are new to this blog.  That has held steady pretty much throughout the last month.

Second, there’s a (very) gradually increasing trend of RSS subscribers.

Third, unlike many other sex bloggers, I seem to have made little ground in getting people to “follow” me, whatever that signifies.  (I guess, putting your little avatar on my page so others can see you like this blog, and allowing them to get here via your profile or blogroll, if you have a blog.)  Thanks so much to those who have.

Fourth, and this is the most interesting to me, I can’t for the life of me figure out what has caused the spikes.  One was definitely Fleshbot.  Another was E-Lust.  AndWanton Wednesday seems to cause little spikes.  But what, in particular, drives those big spikes is unclear.

The thing in all this I take heart in – at least, the part of me that cares about this stuff takes heart in – is that people seem pretty consistently to enjoy what they find here.  The rate of growth obviously has slowed a bit, but that’s ok.

Oh yeah, one other thing I’ve learned:  what a complete and total geek I am.

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