Someone found this blog today by googling “palmistry signs polyamory.”

I just tried that. After five screens of somewhat interesting, but non-mydissolutelife, stuff, I gave up.

How, exactly, does this search stuff work?

And just for your edification, here are a couple of the other searches that somehow led to me in the last couple of days.  I say “somehow,” because try though I might, I can’t find myself in any of the results pages:

My older secretary sucks me off
Christmas vacation x-art
Gayporno (This search brought TWO visitors in the last week. This may just cause my brain to explode.)
Fantasy sex art (seriously? I must be on the 474th page of search results)
Pederast art
She her breasts my cock jackhammer

And, my favorite – the only one I can say I’m proud connected someone with my blog:  “Your fucking you’re fucking they’re there their.”

If this was your search, please contact me.

I want to know you.

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