Anonymity and Tinder

I just did something interesting. I searched, on Facebook, for “friends who use Tinder.”

I learned something interesting about a couple of my partnered Facebook friends that I can’t imagine they were hoping I would learn. (Note: I’m the last one in the world to be surprised when anyone turns out to be, say, monogamish, but my gut tells me that these particular people aren’t so much monogamish as CPOS.)

Apparently, while Tinder doesn’t post on your feed, Facebook does like to tell your friends you use it.

Unless you go deep into their settings. Click on “Settings – Apps,” and click on “Tinder.” Then click on “Edit,” and change “Visibility of app” to “Only me.” I think that should do it, but I can’t confirm that.

Tinderer emptor.


  1. I’ve found the app won’t open for me over the last few weeks. I keep getting the message “Unfortunately, Tinder has stopped.” I’ve asked Tinder over Twitter- their advice was to uninstall and reinstall the app. I did, and it didn’t work. It sounds like it’s working fine for you and others- not for me alas.

    1. Oh, no, it’s NOT working for me. They’ve basically turned it off. I can interact with people with whom I had already interacted in my brief tenure with this profile (I think there are three matches). But it won’t show me new prospective matches. So I think I’m done.

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