I’m a blogger of the month

Kinkly.com has a monthly feature, in which they feature a sex blogger. I’m proud that, in December, I was the very first male sex blogger they’ve ever featured. I’m in terrific company there – it’s a fairly illustrious crowd of bloggers I’m pleased to join.

But here’s something interesting: after a full month of their interview with me being posted (and I have to say, I think it’s a good interview, in which I acquit myself well, showing their readers very much who I am, what I’m like), best I can tell, my blog has received exactly ZERO clicks from over there.

Now, this seems utterly implausible to me.

I get more than one click a month from much smaller, less established web sites that feature me much less prominently. And yet…. literally, not one link that Google tells me came from there, and no noticeable bump in viewers.

What’s it mean?


  1. You know I’m a huge fan of your writing, so I’m happy to hear they featured you, but I’m not surprised that this has been your experience with them. They’ve probably gotten more traffic from YOU and I believe it’s why they do any of their lists: so we’ll link to them.

    Ok, gonna go read this interview now!

    PS: Miss you! I’m still in the mountains surrounded by people, but we’ll talk soon hopefully! xx Hy

    1. I’m sure you’re right, but…. If they’re hoping for much traffic from me, they’re barking up the wrong tree. I’ve got a tiny audience. Almost no one reads this blog. Truthfully. (Which isn’t to take anything away from my small band of loyal readers, whom I love.)

  2. I found your blog through kinkly! Maybe metrics are inaccurate? PS I love your writing and have spent hours reading.

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