Reading about my readers

Sometimes, I like to look through Google Analytics and Woopra to see what I can learn about the people who come to read this blog. I always find fascinating (and, I apologize in advance, potentially creepy) stuff. I found, for instance, that there’s someone in Allentown, PA (or close to there) who’s been to my blog nine times since December, and who has ended virtually every session on the “contact me” page. Evidently, this person is thinking about contacting me. But hasn’t yet pulled the trigger. (Go ahead! I don’t bite.)

I learned that there’s someone at Oxford University who has come by every week or two for the last couple of months. Unlike many readers, this reader doesn’t go very deep. S/he just goes to the front page. But s/he comes back, every ten days or so, just to see what I’ve posted.

There’s someone in Birmingham (England), who seems to really enjoy reading the “Memory or Fantasy?” section of the blog.

There’s someone in Orlando, FL, who’s been reading a lot about my experiences in sex clubs.

And there’s someone in Morristown, NJ, who has been by the blog more days than not in the last two months. And has been to almost 100 pages on the blog.

This is just a quick rundown of interesting information on visitors to my blog in the last three hours!

If I stretch back twelve hours, I get to the person in Whitby, ON, who’s been reading since November, and has seen over 200 pages, with over 400 clicks.

And if I go back a full day, I get to the person in North Carolina who has been to my blog every day except four since February. Or the Canadian traveler who has only a slightly less regular appearance, but who reads much more when s/he’s here.

I don’t mean to creep you out, at all. I think it’s kinda interesting how much can be known about web-surfers without their active consent. And I’m not even sophisticated. I don’t really have a point, except that I really am grateful for every one of the people who reads this blog. Keep coming back. Please.

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