A contest

L and I haven’t been fucking for a while.  Really, only once this year.  Prognosis for future fucking is bleak, at least for the time being. But we’re good friends, see one another often, and talk more.  Our flirtation/sexy relationship flourishes, with spousal approval on both sides, just without the fucking.  Which presents all sorts of interesting new challenges and opportunities.

One of which stems from an idea she had today:  “I think,” she wrote in an IM chat, “we should make a twitter game.”

Discussion ensues.  We land here:

True stories only.

Verified by some sort of proof – photographic, audio, etc.

That adhere to some sort of theme.

(Sex in a certain type of place, with a certain kind of person, etc.)

Which leaves us in need of a theme.  “Hmm,” I thought.  “Perhaps we should crowdsource it.”

So here’s the question:

Can you think of a fun, sexy challenge to put out to the world?  Readers of this blog, of L’s blog, of my Twitter feed and G+ stream?

The challenge could be visual, auditory, verbal.  Could be behavioral (do something, do something with/to someone, etc.).

The main point is, it should be fun.  And sexy.

The winning entry will get a prize.  Of some sort.  That we’ll figure out.

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