May 062015

Quite the opposite. It’s hard for me NOT to write. For years, sex was my addiction. Nowadays, though I spend plenty of time on sex – thinking about it, planning it, doing it – it’s not sex that limits my productivity, that inhibits my intimacy, that holds me back. It’s writing. Give me an hour, […]

Apr 202015

Topics on which I’m trying to write: Sofia – always, Sofia My recent threesome with Rose and Isabel A legitimate massage from Tamora Some thoughts on strip clubs and massage parlors Google mapping sexual memories Compartmentalization, repression, and self-actualization Alice’s push-me/pull-you back-and-forth, complete with other completed assignments, and, maybe, a picture or two of her […]

Mar 122015

Confronted with exactly thirty minutes, disconnected from the internet, but with my phone, how to occupy my time Read: I’m carrying around two articles I’ve been meaning to read. A book I’m reading half-heartedly. The complete New York Times on my phone, as well as a hundred or so RSS feeds of news and news-like […]

Feb 222015

Seriously. I write all day, every day. You read some of what I write, but not all. I have developed lots of little shortcuts, habits, preferences, etc. I’m an idiosyncratic writer, and not, honestly, a great one. I think I know my strengths – honesty, introspection, openness – and some of my weaknesses – a […]

Jan 292015

I’ve been quiet, because I’ve been busy. Sometimes life demands that I put a slightly lower priority on feeding this particular beast, and the last stretch of time has been like that. Here are a few tidbits of what’s been occupying the parts of my mind I most often write about here: How amazing my […]

Oct 282014

N hasn’t been so active lately. There has been a tale or two I’ve not told you about, but honestly, not a lot. You’d never know it to look here, but I have been writing a lot lately. What I write where, for what audience(s), is a constantly shifting target, but, lately, there’s been much […]