Sep 152015

I’ve been crazy busy, and haven’t been able to write much lately. Also, there just hasn’t been much happening in my sex life of note. Well, that’s not quite true. There’s my recent evenings with Cricket and Tamora, each of which I hope to reprise soon enough. And, Isabel and Tamora seem to be on […]

Jun 082015

I had two awesome, very different, dates recently, one with Lexy, one with Annica (about whom you’ve not yet heard). I wrote up those dates for you, and they’ve both languished in the hands of those two very sexy ladies for, I think, very similar reasons. Annica, reading my account, said, “I would have described […]

May 062015

Quite the opposite. It’s hard for me NOT to write. For years, sex was my addiction. Nowadays, though I spend plenty of time on sex – thinking about it, planning it, doing it – it’s not sex that limits my productivity, that inhibits my intimacy, that holds me back. It’s writing. Give me an hour, […]

Apr 202015

Topics on which I’m trying to write: Sofia – always, Sofia My recent threesome with Rose and Isabel A legitimate massage from Tamora Some thoughts on strip clubs and massage parlors Google mapping sexual memories Compartmentalization, repression, and self-actualization Alice’s push-me/pull-you back-and-forth, complete with other completed assignments, and, maybe, a picture or two of her […]