A new plaything

Thank you for your initial proposal regarding the redesign of “My Dissolute Life.” I am excited about the possibilities. I would like to invite you to an in-person discussion/presentation xxx evening, at 7:30 pm – precise location TBD, but likely a bar near xxx. I would ask that you have eaten, as we will be together until midnight or 1 am, and will not have time to eat a proper meal (other than, of course, my cock).

Please prepare as follows:

1) If you own one or more pant suits (slacks, blouse, jacket), I would like to see you, front and rear, in each of them. As soon as possible. So that I may select what you wear for me. If you don’t own pant suits, do you own skirt suits? Same instruction. And, if you don’t own either pant or skirt suits? Then I would like you to tell me what you would wear if attending a very conservative job interview.

2) I’m very taken with your proposals…

…and, in particular, #A.2. I would like to ask that you prepare a portfolio of options for me for the various photos. I would like to choose among (at least) 5 sets of options for the backgrounds for each of the tiles in option A.2:

a) The set you’ve already provided – photos of you. Smoking hot. Clever/creative. Perfect. No need to do anything further with regard to these. [I’m asking for more, though, because as grateful as I will have been for this redesign and for your part in it, the blog is not, in the end, about you….]

b) A set of hot black and white photos of women, or heterosexual couples, culled from the internet (I would prefer they be either clothed or only suggestively nude). [Sources to which I might turn are x-art, met-art, amateurallure, femjoy, joymii, wowgirls, breath-takers, and such.] Here are a few of the sorts of photos I have in mind (and I’m open, now that I think of it, to the possibility of subtle color as well, if you think that might go well here).

c) A set of hot black and white photos of men (bald, lightly bearded, to the extent faces/heads are visible) or gay male couples (subtle, not explicit) culled from the internet.

d) A set of hot photos (black and white or color, but subtle, please) of women other than those I have dated or heterosexual couples culled from my blog or my tumblr (if you can find anything on there – Tumblr has pretty much hidden everything there once was).

e) A set of hot photos of women I’ve dated culled from my blog. I would suggest, in particular, Marina, Sofia, and Charlotte as the women to whom you might look.

I’m going to ask you to give a visual presentation of options b, c, and d, over a drink, to be followed by an extended feeding of my cock to you. Please be prepared to discuss the pros and cons of each photo, and of each set of photos, as well as to make a recommendation among the various options you are presenting.

There will be more in the way of instructions/expectations to come….


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