May 152012
Folly, part 3

You feel the bed sag as my weight falls onto it.  You feel my fingers, gently, opening your thighs.  You feel my breath, warm, moist, on the inside of your thighs.  My lips brush your flesh, my tongue flicks at you.  You flinch, wince, slightly ticklish, infinitely tender. I lick, slowly, slowly, up your thigh, […]

May 082012

This piece is a counterpoint to the other day’s post, “Wisdom.” As the plane descends into O’Hare, you smooth your sundress.  You look at the list I had sent you:  light, cotton sundress?  Check.  Cork-heeled shoes?  Check.  White cotton boyshorts (in spite of your insistence that your ass isn’t big enough for them)?  Check.  Lip […]

Apr 242012
Dear Liza and D:

Liza tells me she’s been dreaming about me. I’m flattered. She tells me that, the other night, I gave her directions as to how she should fuck D. It’s not often I can make dreams come true…. Accordingly (and, from here on out, I’m mostly addressing Liza; D and Liza both, please accept my thanks […]

Apr 102012
Paean to Sasha Grey

Until recently, there simply was no feature-length porn I liked. No porn actresses I found myself attracted to. I’m a guy – I like porn. I like images and videos of people having sex. I like seeing people come. But as I’ve written elsewhere, there’s very little of mainstream porn, of feature-length porn, that appeals […]

Mar 272012

We pretended we didn’t know one another. Nodded curtly, politely, slightly awkwardly, as we entered the yoga studio. It looked like it was going to be just the two of us, alone with the instructor. The instructor was one of those.. you know, yoga instructors. Unbelievably, perfectly fit with an ethereal, sexless way about her. […]

Mar 132012
I gently lowered the blindfold

“Can you see?” “No.” “Can you make out light and dark?” “No.” I lifted her sheer t-shirt over her shoulders, over her head.  She instinctively lifted her arms to help.  I removed the camisole that remained.  Her breasts were round, freckled.  I kissed a nipple.  She flinched just a little. I kissed her, first gently, […]