You want me to fuck you

I know you do, because you’ve told me so. You’ve sent me texts, you’ve sent me emails. Pictures, audio files. You’ve erected a digital shrine to your desire to be fucked by me.

But you’ve read these words. You know me, my desires, my relationship to fucking. So you know that, as much as I want to fuck you (and I do – so very, very much), I want to feel your mouth on my cock, my mouth on your cunt, even more.

So yes – I will fuck you. Because you want it. And because I do too.

But first?

First you’ll earn that fuck by spending more hours than you imagined you could tolerate tending to my cock – licking it, kissing it, sucking it, stroking it, playing with it. And with my head between your legs, my tongue lapping up your juices, pressing into your slit, against your clit.

Then, when your body has been racked by orgasms, when your jaw is sore, when the imprint of my ears on your inner thighs is established, when my cock has been brought to the brink more times than either of us cares to remember?

Then, I will fuck you.



  1. That sounds like quite some promise…. I love that ‘jaw ache’ which results from really paying his cock proper attention.


  2. Definitely hot!  Very vivid imagery as well.  I especially like “the imprint of my ears on your inner thighs”.  I wonder if I’ve ever left such an impression.


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