Dear Liza and D:

Liza tells me she’s been dreaming about me.

I’m flattered.

She tells me that, the other night, I gave her directions as to how she should fuck D.

It’s not often I can make dreams come true….

Accordingly (and, from here on out, I’m mostly addressing Liza; D and Liza both, please accept my thanks for allowing me this pleasure and honor):

Liza, tomorrow (or, on the next day it’s feasible), I’d like you to:

1)  Begin your day by straddling D, your cunt in his face, and bring yourself off, squirting all over his chest, neck, and face.  Tell him, “No touching,” and don’t let him.  After you cum?  No words.  Just hop off him and move on with your day.  Leave him behind.

2)  Be in touch with him several times throughout the day, by sending him pictures.  (I know that pictures haven’t been your M.O.  Or if they’ve become your M.O., you haven’t yet told us….)  Send him the parts of you he most adores.  Send him words – adjectives, describing how you’re feeling about what awaits that evening; verbs, describing your plans, your hopes; adverbs, describing just how you’re going to do, going to collect, those verbs.

3)  In the evening, I’d like you to spend no less than one hour playing with his cock.  Not a “blowjob,” per se.  Or a “handjob.”  Rather, I’d like for it simply to be the total focus of your attention using all the available tools.

4)  When you’ve done that for an hour (D, please don’t cum), then it’s your turn, Liza.  You kids have no kids, so you can afford the time to have a lengthy encounter of the sort that we parents rarely can afford.  D, spend an hour on Liza’s pussy.  Treat it like the royalty that it is.  Lavish it with attention and affection with your tongue, your hands, and yes, your cock.  But no cumming for either of you.

5)  When all this is through, you’ll have been at it for two hours.  Take a break.  Stop, discuss it.  Smoke if you do; have a glass of wine if not.

6)  After a break – a break of no less than fifteen minutes – I would like for you to face one another on your bed, and each of you, get yourselves off.  Try to do it simultaneously, but no worries if not.

7)  When you’re done?  I’d like a special thank-you note.


  1. Nice directions.  I can’t wait to read and masturbate to the outcome.  Also, I will be sharing this with my (new) lover.  Thanks for the inspiration! 

  2. Finding out that a sexy blogging friend is dreaming about you is one of the most flattering things I can think of.  In my experience few things that don’t involve actual physical contact are hotter than hearing that.  Doesn’t matter what the dream entails; it’s exciting to know that you’ve affected them.

    Excellent little itinerary; we’re excited by the prospect of reading how it went on Liza’s own blog.

    1. I agree. I agree. Oh, man, I agree. The idea that Liza (whom I’ve never met) dreamt about me? That she dreamt about me directing her and D? So fucking hot. And I have a sneaky suspicion they’ve just about finished now….

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