Today, I want to see you in your stages of dress. I want something of you – a shoulder? Your back? Your legs? Your breasts? Your thighs? Your pussy? Anything…. when you’re still nude. Your nudity communicates your vulnerability to me, your willingness. Which makes me hard.

I want something of you once you’ve started to dress – your bra strap? Your panties on your hip? Your pussy under your panties, legs open? Your ass? Something that communicates the sadness – and the excitement – of your covering yourself, your hot hot body, with clothes.

I want something more once you’ve put a top on. A glimpse of your cleavage, maybe? If your nipple is poking through, show me that? I want to see continued evidence of your sexuality – and your availability to me, your willingness – even as the layers mount.

And then, when you’ve put on your pants, or skirt, I want to see that. Your thighs, as you spread your legs? Your ass in a mirror? Your hand reaching under to touch your cunt? Again – show me that you still are sexually available to me, eager, compliant, even now that you’re nearly fully dressed.

And when you’re done, shoes on, accessorized (if you are), show me that. But again – make sure there’s sex in the picture. Pinch a nipple, rub your crotch, taste your pussy’s juices.

And have a great, sexy, hot, wet, day.


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