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I’ve lost track of how many orgasms I’ve posted on this web site. And there are dozens more that women have given me without their being posted here. I consider myself incredibly lucky – both to have discovered this particular way of getting myself off, and to have discovered, over the years, so many women whom it excites to share their orgasms with me in this way.

The other day, I asked a relatively new interest of mine to share her voice with me. “Yeah right,” she replied. “I’d never phony moan for your website.” (She’s a little snarky.)

I did a double take.

Have women been faking it for me? Have they been playing up the moaning for my (your) listening pleasure?

I’m agnostic on the subject. But I’m intrigued both by her presuming that this is, surely, the case, and by my never even having considered it for a moment previously.

What do you think? Do the orgasms sound theatrical or staged to you?

(And, for what it’s worth, I wasn’t asking this particular woman to come for me. I was, as I said, asking to hear her voice.)


  1. Female copulatory vocalization is often voluntary (one could even say “theatrical”), but it doesn’t necessarily follow that it is therefore fake. There is literature which suggests that some women use vocalization to increase either their partner’s or their own arousal. It’s part of the sex repertoire, intended to engage yet another sense.

    I can easily believe that a certain number of women who have sent you recordings are intentionally vocalizing *because you asked them to*. It doesn’t make the orgasm any less real. It just means the nature of that particular orgasm was tailored to the request.

    It is possible that the vocalizations occurred absent actual orgasm (I assume that’s what your interest is really saying), but I would be surprised if that were a common theme in your recordings. What would be the point? “Faking it” is generally about bolstering one’s partner’s esteem, or encouraging an end to the session. Neither of those make sense in the context of masturbation.

    Two related articles:

    Evidence to suggest that copulatory vocalizations in women are not a reflexive consequence of orgasm. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20480220

    The Faking Orgasm Scale for Women: Psychometric Properties http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10508-013-0212-z?no-access=true

    1. I agree to what punkin is saying in parts, and disagree in some. I know that, sometimes, it’s hot to get loud, and it does help me enjoy the experience more, especially when I’m being asked to be loud (I was told to be quiet or shoved a pillow on my face far too many times).
      I’m quite sure that it must have an effect on my partner when he asks me to be loud, either because it turns him on to hear me being loud, or because he enjoys the effect it has on my own pleasure.
      This said, there are times where vocalisation is totally involuntary. I feel like I’m in a different state, almost experiencing an out-of-body experience. I can tell you for sure that, in these moments, there is nothing I can do to influence the level of my screams. And yes, the whole neighbourhood probably knows what I’m up to, but there is absolutely nothing I can do to prevent it. I can just observe as the wave washes over me and takes me with it…

      1. I do say often, not always. 😉 Data sets don’t tell us much about individuals; when dealing with people, there will always be a great deal of variation.

        Me, I tend vocalize consciously at the beginning of a session, because the sounds ramp up my own arousal, and listening to them helps turn off my thinking brain. Like you, there are times when I reach a point where it is no longer a conscious response. However, I find I am less likely to get to that place, if I don’t begin consciously.

        1. Yes, I agree with you then: I don’t get to that point at the beginning of a session either. And some conscious vocalising may need to occur before I get to that state. I’ll pay closer attention to it from now on 😉

  2. I’ve never listened to the audio, and I doubt it would do much good in determining real vs. fake (women are all different and I dont expect one woman’s orgasm to sound like mine), but in response to your question about real vs. staged, it says something that you asked for a woman’s voice and she assumed you meant an audio recording of her orgasm.

    There might be a disconnect between what you really want and what these women perceive that you want (not that the perception is unfounded)

    Also, I HOPE you mean the woman who refused you is snarky in general, not that her response to you was snarky. Saying “no” isn’t automatically snark.

    1. Generalizing is always dangerous. In this instance, Luna misread what I asked. I asked for her voice. She thought I was asking for her orgasm. She was wrong. That happens. She ALSO is snarky, both generally, and in how she said no. She wasn’t snarky FOR saying no. She was snarky in HOW she said no. That’s ok. I don’t mind. Her ass will show my wrath. Mwah-ha-ha.

      On another note, I don’t know what you mean about a disconnect with “these women.”

  3. For the ones I’ve heard, I think it is unlikely. If they had been fake, they would be more extravagant, louder… It is hard to fake a quiet orgasm.
    That’s my view of course.
    Then there is the other thing: I personally wouldn’t see the interest of sending fake orgasms to anybody. The joy of sending an orgasm to someone is sharing your arousal with them, letting them know that they were on your mind when you did it, even if at the very back. And that you like knowing that your arousal could have an effect on theirs.
    But I’d never fake an orgasm in real life, so I wouldn’t see the point of faking one on tape 🙂

  4. I can tell you for sure that mine were most definitely not fake. Like you, I didn’t even consider that. I wanted you to have my orgasms. To excite you. To excite me. To me, there’s no purpose in faking an orgasm here. IRL, I can see the applications (though I’ve never done so myself). But here? Where it’s a gift? Where there’s no pressure? It just doesn’t make sense.

  5. I guess you’ll never know right? I send my orgasms to one of my distant buddies. I don’t fake it for him but how does he truly know ? I’m really loud sometimes and quiet others. There’s no pattern. You can be very persistent so they might be pressured to deliver for you. I LIKE this new interest of yours 😉 you should call her sexy snark

  6. Faking it seems to defeat the purpose, but I suppose it depends on the intent of the woman recording the orgasm. I have a hard time being quiet, and also enjoy vocalizing, or more specifically, speaking for a partner, versus just moaning, grunting, etc. I suppose one who is normally quiet or silent could fake the noise, but faking the act for the sake of someone listening doesn’t seem likely. Side note, mine was real, and I still owe you one…

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