Apr 242015

I get an e-mail, out of the blue, that makes my cock jump to attention.

The other day, I got such an e-mail. It was short. It included phrases such as, “I’ve been lurking on your blog since about the new year,” and “… one day last week, soaping myself in the shower, I thought ‘why not now?’”

It included an attachment, a pdf, that the writer had made in response to my assignment.

I opened the file, and the first thing I saw was this – a full page:


What followed was a 33-page presentation (yes, a PowerPoint, or the equivalent, rendered in pdf form) in response to my assignment. It featured a mix of text and graphics, clothing selections and fantasies. Before the presentation is over, she has sucked my cock more than once, sunbathed nude, been spanked by me, been fucked – or at least pressed, and teased – against a window by me, been fingered under a short skirt by me, and had a threesome with another woman we’ve picked up in a hotel bar.

I think it’s fair to say, she nailed it.

I’m pretty sure I need to get to know Lexy. But so far, she’s being very coy. Here’s hoping she becomes a little more… forthcoming.

Because what she did with this assignment is unimaginably exciting to me.

Apr 222015

Know that I’m thinking about your pussy.

Know that I can see your thighs, your panties, whenever I close my eyes. Fuck that, even when they’re open.

That I keep imagining I smell you, the sweaty, sweet, musky scent of your cunt, at surprising, unexpected moments. Like when I just walked into a coffee store and smelled what turned out, predictably, to be coffee.

That I find myself involuntarily making a “come here” gesture with a finger as I imagine just what I’d do if that finger were inside you, inside your slippery, wet, cunt.

That I want to pick not one item, but every item, of clothing that you wear tomorrow, so we can share in the knowledge that your body is enveloped in compliance with my wishes.

That I want – no, that I need – so much from you.

Do you know that?

Apr 212015


Apr 202015

Topics on which I’m trying to write:

Sofia – always, Sofia

– My recent threesome with Rose and Isabel

– A legitimate massage from Tamora

– Some thoughts on strip clubs and massage parlors

– Google mapping sexual memories

– Compartmentalization, repression, and self-actualization

Alice’s push-me/pull-you back-and-forth, complete with other completed assignments, and, maybe, a picture or two of her

Tinder sociopathy #3,423

– Was this post creepy? I can’t tell.

Anya, who promised so much, and then vanished in a hazy lie

Emily, who has less time for me now that she’s getting laid

– General questions I’m asked on Tinder and general answers

There are, of course, always more. I struggle to write as much as I have to say, but my days have been more full recently, and more of my writing time has been spent writing elsewhere, other things. None of which in any way quenches my thirst to write here, for you. So rest assured, more will come…. Topic requests and prioritization suggestions always welcome.

Apr 162015

When my cock hasn’t been hard, but it starts to stir….

Apr 142015

Recently, a Tinder woman used me as masturbation fodder. There’s nothing wrong with this, of course, except that she disappeared shortly after she came, she lied about her intentions, and was gone without saying bye.

When she left, we had notional plans to meet, and she had promised me very much.

I should say, I knew she would disappear. There were a few tells. First, foremost, her age: she’s 21. Young young young. Without taking anything away from the occasional serious youngster, most often, they’re not here for what I have to offer in any real sense. If they are engaging with me, it’s for near-term titillation, not longer-term, real-life excitement. That’s too much.

Second, the speed with which she ramped up: we went from small talk to “I need your cock” far too quickly. Finally, she chafed at sharing her voice, or an e-mail address. Some women don’t have e-mail addresses other than the one that’s “myfirstname.mylastname@gmail.com,” particularly the younger ones, but my experience has been that, if a woman is, seriously, interested in getting to know me, she either already has a non-disclosing e-mail address or is prepared to make one. Maybe even including my name in it. 😉

I must confess, I don’t understand her behavior. I’ve written about it before. But here we were, making plans, interacting, and then, all of a sudden, after what she says is her second orgasm, she’s gone. Of course, I have screen shots of her Tinder profile because – well, because I had the sense she might vanish. Not that I’d ever post them here. It was more a sort of protective impulse to keep something of her, in the face of her imminent loss.

But how did she know I wouldn’t post the pictures I have of her here?

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Apr 132015

I’ve written in the past about sexually transmitted infections, and about my relationship to safer sex practices. They can be summarized as follows: I am a practitioner of unprotected oral sex and protected vaginal sex, and I don’t think a lot about disease, other than to be tested periodically. I’m far more concerned about risks such as car crashes, slipping on ice, muggings, and the like than I am about STI’s.

I just had a conversation with a medical doctor – not my long-time physician, who, I wrote previously, had always refused to test for the herpes antibodies. This medical doctor was even more emphatic than my physician. He said the following:

1) There is no test for herpes. There is a test for herpes antibodies. Many people who never develop herpes carry the antibodies.

2) The only reason he ever prescribes the test is for patients who are convinced they are having a herpes outbreak but whose symptoms are not consistent with herpes. In that instance, he occasionally orders the test to rule out herpes.

3) There is no test for HPV in men.

He only tests for HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis. All other STIs of note, he said, he identifies visually.

So. For the record. Here’s what I assume: I assume that you have the herpes antibody. I assume that I have it. If you have open wounds, I hope you will inform me. If I have open wounds, I will inform you. Now – let’s get to it.

Apr 132015

My questions mostly regard what appears to be your very successful pastime as a serial lover of many other hot, sexual women. I haven’t read all of your essays yet, but I’m struck by how smart and emotionally/intellectually sophisticated so many of your lovers seem to be. The way you describe your real life is essentially the real-life animation of a fantasy I’ve carried around for years, in which a fellow such as myself can maintain one or more fuck-buddy-style relationships with women who really do just want to be pals and occasionally get naked and horny together, and that’s it. The way I think about is like having a regular tennis or running buddy. When you’re up for a game you get together and have fun. But it’s not like your lives are deeply connected.

I don’t invest a lot of time looking around. Most often I stick to Craigslist, sniffing through the W4M ads (I don’t bother with women under 35 tho). I’ll place an ad on occasion looking for women interested in NSA fun, but rarely hear back. And when I answer the occasional woman’s ad that sounds right (in terms of sex, intellect and expectations) I rarely ever hear back. So I’m doing something wrong, I think. Either looking in the wrong place, or inadvertently projecting the wrong kind of vibe. My usual thing is to appear as nice and normal as possible. Just a regular guy with a good body and a nice-looking cock who is up for hot sex, and won’t violate your boundaries, etc along the way.

Occasionally something will work out but I think it’s clear that I’m either looking in the wrong place or communicating the wrong thing. So hmm. Any quick ideas as to what I’m doing wrong?

I don’t know that I see my sex life quite the way you do, but, for the purpose of getting to your question – “How do you recommend I go about identifying a few regular companions for fun times, no strings attached?” I’ll stipulate to your description.

You write “I don’t invest a lot of time looking around.” You have to know that my sex life is anything but effortless. For every woman I connect sexually with, there are dozens of aborted exchanges and interactions. And for every woman with whom I have even an aborted exchange or interaction, there are dozens (more, probably) of swipes on Tinder, or salvos on OK Cupid. (A note: Tinder has been HUGELY helpful to my efforts to meet women who find me compelling and whom I find compelling.)

And, there’s this blog: a HUGE and, ultimately (now that it’s over three years old and has over a thousand posts covering every imaginable subject) highly efficient way of communicating who I am, what I’m like. As a result of this blog, I can’t even begin to know how many women decide to stay away without explicitly rejecting me. But it’s a LOT. Or, how many find themselves interested in something they didn’t previously know interested them.

All of which is to say, in my experience, the thing you seem to imagine I enjoy so effortlessly is in fact a) not at all effortless on my part, and b) not at all common among the desires of the “emotionally/intellectually sophisticated” women you and I both so appreciate.

I have figured out, for better or worse, a way of communicating who I am sexually, what I offer sexually, to a self-selecting audience. It consumes an enormous amount of my time and energy, and delivers some tremendous rewards to me, and to the women I’ve gotten to know.

If what I have, how I live, appeals to you, I don’t really have any suggestions other than to find your own version of my path. Communicate who you are, what you offer, what you want robustly, honestly. Invest a lot of time and energy. And be prepared for LOTS of disappointment and rejection.

But what you say you want is not, in my experience, even remotely consistent with not investing a lot of time.

Apr 112015

The other night, while Sofia wasn’t giving me any of the various things that she owes me – and she owes me a lot – she was having a real-life experience that is, surely, the stuff of many men’s porn fantasies – an all-female threesome. (Remember that awesome sentence from her I posted the other day?) (hover over text in yellow to get a little bit more information in this post)

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t my fantasy. I want to fuck Sofia, to fuck her face, to spend a lifetime with my head between her legs. I don’t really relish the idea of her having any sexual activity that doesn’t feature me at its center. Or that I’m not watching, directing, participating in.

But… since she lives so far away… this might just be the best thing I can imagine.

Anyway… Sofia told me about her evening, and I asked her if she wouldn’t mind writing it up, just so it could make my dick hard (and your dick/pussy hard/wet). Here’s what she wrote. Accompanied by photos she selected, at my direction, to evoke the details she’s describing. I’ve annotated her write-up a bit, and edited it just a tiny bit. But her voice is intact. (Remember – English is not Sofia’s first language.) Her telling me, and sharing the pictures she selected, and my putting this all together for you, has gotten my cock insanely hard. I hope it does the same (or the equivalent) for you….

A note: the photos, obvs., are not of Sofia/Raquel/Julia. They are selected by Sofia to conjure an accurate image, without violating any of the women’s privacy. In the case of Sofia – whose face and body, after all, I actually know, only two-dimensionally – I can tell you that the photos are fairly evocative, if not quite fair. Sofia’s much hotter.

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