Jul 102018
Remembering camp

For several reasons, unrelated, I’ve been remembering my experiences of camp. I went to a generic all-boys YMCA camp on a lake, in the woods. It was nominally Christian – we had chapel every Sunday, under the pines, in required green gabardine (stiff, uncomfortable) shirts with the camp’s logo on it. Most of the kids […]

Jul 082018

I really want to talk with you. You’re making it really hard. There are lots of ways to reach me. I have none to reach you. Please. Figure it out.

Jul 082018
Communicating with me

There are a lot of ways you can communicate with me. This is a tease – a bit of information as to how I interact with the apps you might use. In my NEXT post, I’ll tell you what I imagine you’re communicating to me with your choice. But in this post, it’s just a little bit of information about how I interact with the various apps on my phone.

Jun 282018

But we are establishing concentration camps, and dehumanizing immigrants. According to the Times, “An Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman said Thursday that ‘even one criminal alien on the street can put public safety at risk.’” For the record, I’m a native born American, and immigrants don’t scare me. But white nationalist sociopaths? They terrify me. […]