Welcome, lovely Seeking lady

If you’re on this page, it’s because we met on Seeking.

As my profile there indicates, I’m not a conventional Seeking SD type. It’s important to me that I’m clear about this with you, because yes, I do know what that web site is all about, and yes, I know that I’m not offering what most women there seek.

The TL;DR version: I'm happy to give you $50 by cash app if you want to stretch/do Pilates with me on Zoom. That's the only way I'm gonna give you money. Everything else I have to offer looks much more like conventional dating, albeit in a gentle, respectful, but firm dominant/submissive mode.

That said, the longer version….

I offer several things that women on Seeking, over the years, have valued – only one (and maybe, two) of which involves any money coming from me to you:

  1. I’m happy to pay you $50 by CashApp (and only CashApp, alas, or, perhaps, an Amazon gift card – if you’re n not in the United States) for 20-30 minutes of your time stretching/doing yoga/Pilates with me, dressed for the gym, on Zoom. [Here’s a note about the dangers and opportunities associated with meeting with random dudes on Zoom – here’s the tl;dr version: I would love to record you and jerk off to my recordings, but I never would do that without your ok. I have a code of conduct I adhere to scrupulously; you can read it, and ask me any questions you may have about it.] All that said: if we click, and our schedules mesh well (I generally have very narrow windows between the hours of 7:30 am and 7 pm Eastern during the week, and occasional Saturday and Sunday morning possibilities), this could happen multiple times a week. Over the last two years, there have been two or three women whom I’ve met with anywhere from 3-5x/week for as long as their schedules and mine remained aligned.

    When we meet, this is what will happen: you’ll dress for the gym. Initially, I probably won’t make any request other than that (though I might specify, “But dress as if you want to impress at the gym”). Over time, maybe I’ll specify how I might like to see you (Shorts today! Yoga pants today!). I’m not, generally, a big fan of jog/sports bras. Maybe I’ll ask you to wear a t-shirt with no bra. Or something else. In general, though, I’ll never ask you to wear anything you wouldn’t wear to the gym – or out and about in life.

    And then, we’ll meet on Zoom. I’ll lead you through my general routine. Unless you have some agenda of your own (you want to lead? I’m not necessarily opposed to that, though probably I will want to lead the first two or four times we meet). You can get a sense of what my “routine” looks like on this page, about 2/3 of the way down, in the section titled “Accompanied.”
  2. Vaguely related to the $ thing: a few of the women with whom I’ve done #1 above, I’ve also ended up buying clothes in which they could stretch with me. Sometimes, this has been gym clothes; other times, lingerie. It’s generally not been super-fancy stuff, but rather, fun stuff. This isn’t something that I would embark on with you until/unless we both really trusted and were comfortable with one another. And I never would condition our working out together on that.
  3. In the “non-financial” aspect…. I’m in my early 50s. I’m hot. I’m dominant. I’m successful. I’m smart. I’m interesting. I’m experienced. I’m kind, gentle, firm, rough, respectful, fun, and funny. A number of women on Seeking have used Seeking as a sort of dating app – a way to find men who may be sluts, but are not fuckboys. I’m a slut. I’m not a fuckboy. And women who want to have dates with a hot, experienced, fun guy? Often are quite pleased to find me. I live by the campsite rule: I don’t hurt women, and often, they leave relationships with me stronger, wiser, with a clearer sense of what they want, what they like, and how to go about getting it. I’m friendly – or, at worst, warmly out of touch – with almost everyone I’ve ever had sex with. And that’s a lot of people. I could count the number of women with whom I’ve had relationships that have ended badly on the fingers of one hand.
  4. I’m married. In an open relationship. You can read all about my past, and my present, in the “my story” section of this blog. Bottom line: I’m here with my wife’s blessing, and I have a strong, good marriage. I don’t fall in love with women I date except that I always fall a tiny bit in love with almost everyone, always. That’s just how I roll. But for your purposes: I’m safe. Contained. Limited. I’m going home to my family. I’ll never seek to “control” you although I may well take control of you if you grant it to me. More than one submissive woman has broken up with me because I continued to allow her to see other men. (You read that correctly.)
  5. I currently have 4 3 girlfriends in addition to my wife, all of whom are bi/interested in exploring sex with women. They are each hot and fun (Charlotte, Serena, and Milica – and T) and if you want to explore the possibilities, we are game to talk!

A few final notes:

Yes, I know what the web site is about. I know that I’m not a sugar daddy, not seeking an arrangement, and that many most women on Seeking therefore have zero interest in me, in what I have to offer. That’s fine. This is a big site. We all are looking for what we’re looking for. I hope you find what you want; In addition to a few dozen women I’ve paid to stretch, do Pilates, or yoga with me over the last two years, I’ve found a dozen or more lovely ladies who just wanted to date. Not in the context of an “arrangement.” In the context of a dominant/submissive playground. A few examples? Milica. Charlotte. Sarah. Ashley. Shelby. There have been others – some of whom I’ve written about, others of whom I haven’t. Bottom line: the world is big enough for all of us. I mean no disrespect if I’m offering something other than what you’re seeking.

No, I won’t pay for your videos. I really do know what I want. I want to pay for one thing and one thing only: 20-30 minutes of your pretty body in my face, motivating me to stay in shape. That’s it. Anything else that happens? That doesn’t, and won’t, involve money. (Which isn’t to say I might not buy you a nice meal, or outfit, now and again before feeding you my cock. Or diving into your pussy.)

This page is a work in progress. I will continue to add to it over time, as I see fit. Suggestions welcome!

Now. If I’ve sent you to this page, I surely would love to hear from you off the Seeking web site. Feel free to reach out to me using any of the means detailed on my “contact me” page. Or ask for my cell, and I’ll gladly give it to you. I’m excited to get to know you.