Coming in clothes (Milica asks me why I like it so…)

More times than I could count in recent days, I have asked to see Milica coming in clothes for me. Sometimes with her hands on the outside of her pants or skirt or panties, sometimes with a wand, and sometimes with her hand in her panties. But mostly, when I ask Milica to come for me, I ask her to do so fully dressed.

“Why,” she asked me recently, “do you so enjoy seeing women come fully dressed?”

The truth is, it’s not so much that I like seeing women come fully dressed. It’s that I fucking love seeing women come, and I don’t particularly enjoy seeing women come nude unless they’re in my presence. But I really do enjoy seeing Milica come fully dressed.

So I’m going to tackle this as two separate questions:

1) why is it that I prefer not to see women come nude? And…

2) why do I seem to so enjoy seeing Milica, in particular, come fully dressed?

On the first, I’ve written a million times that I like obstacles. Hotness depends on obstacles.

I don’t find explicit pornography particularly hot. I find implicit, suggestive pornography hot.

[A side note, I’ve been thinking about how I’ve been using AI porn – and, in particular – to make my cock hard recently. Truth be told, I haven’t been using AI porn – it’s more like AI PG-13 images which inspire my imagination. I think this is part of the answer to Milica’s question – my imagination is much hotter than any individual person’s flesh is. Flesh eliminates the possibility of surprise, and introduces the elimination of my own subjectivity, of my own imagination. When I see a pair of panties, I imagine what lies behind them, and that excites me, not the cunt that lies behind them. I’ve written about fishnet stockings, about panties, about bras, about lingerie, about clothing generally, about how much hotter a sexy dressed woman is than a nude woman is to me. So, that dispenses, I suppose, with the question of clothing.

Or maybe not quite.

I’ll add this final thought: If clothing remains, my power is implicated, as is her submission. The (my) removal of her clothing represents a triumph. An exercise of my power, a demonstration of her submission, in some ways, evidence that what lies between us is between us, that I’m getting something just for me. Nudity cheapens the whole situation for me, renders me almost irrelevant. More on this subject, anon.]

Back to Milica….

Milica dresses herself with care. Every item of clothing I have seen her wear has been nice. Like, not old, not tattered, not worn. Not secondhand, not sloppy, not careless. Even when she’s dressing in shorts and a t-shirt for the weekend.

A woman in short white shorts and a black tank top
Milica in shorts and a tank top

She dresses fashionably. Me, I have a lot of old t-shirts. I have old jeans, old shorts. Milica seems, I would guess, to refresh her wardrobe pretty continually. I have the sense nothing gets old in it. Nothing gets holes, nothing gets stains. And when something does have a stain, or a hole, or even just a little wear, my sense is Milica removes that item from circulation. Immediately.

In addition, everything Milica owns fits her quite well, flatteringly. Of course she has a spectacular body, and this helps. But that’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is that there is a mindful consciousness to every item of clothing that I have seen Milica in. This all contributes to the delight that I take in seeing her in her clothes. In seeing her come in her clothes.

As I’ve written elsewhere, I rarely crave to see photographs or movies of women naked. I always like my imagination to do the last bit of work. What I consume when I consume pornography is not flesh, but thoughts and feelings. As I wrote above – I’ll write soon about my thoughts about artificial intelligence image generation some more. I have more to say. And more to show you. And, as I’ve been thinking about it, I realize that there’s an interaction between my relationship to AI and my relationship to Milica.

I find nothing hotter (well, maybe one thing) than to imagine people behaving sexually in non-sexual circumstances. There’s something about the subversion of expectations, the delivery of sexuality in a non-sexual context, that especially excites me. On some later date, I’ll give this more thought, too. Just why it might be that that in particular excites me so.

But for the time being, suffice it to say, Milica’s wardrobe is a huge part of my desire to see her in it.

But then, also, there’s this: Milica’s attention to photographic detail, composition, focus, quality. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure, the privilege, of being sent porn by dozens, if not even at this point, hundreds of women. Some women take, or at least seem to take, 95% of the photos they take of themselves with a toilet in the frame. Some women always make faces. Some women use shitty cameras. Sometimes the focus is poor, the composition is poor. The clothing is shabby.

Milica, I would say, is in the top one percentile of porn producers I’ve ever encountered. Even the photos which she tosses off seem to be thoughtfully composed. She’s always attending to the angle, the distance, the positioning of her body parts, and the perspective that she’s granting me.

This, too, contributes to the delight that I take in seeing images of her pleasure while clothed. She seems to know intuitively – and when not intuitively, she seems to learn instantly – what it is that I like, how to please me.

I don’t imagine I will tire any time soon of witnessing Milica’s pleasure in her pretty skirts, her sexy lingerie, her leggings, her shorts, her jeans.

No, I won’t tire of it.

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