(Re)kindling Athena

As I hinted at the other day, things with Athena have… cooled off… a bit. We like each other. A lot. We enjoy our time together. She freely shares her body with me. I freely consume it.

But there’s no… edge… to our interactions lately. Her near-nudity, her beauty, her body, is nearly beside the point. I barely notice it. She barely notices it. It’s like we’re just super-comfortable with one another, talking about our lives, the sex we have, etc.

This is not the relationship I want with Athena. At the beginning? She was tantalizing. Mysterious. Sultry. Hot. Now? She’s just… well, she’s a friend.

I want her back in that other zone – the zone in which I want from her, in which she – well, I don’t know if she ever wanted from me, but I do know that I was a bit mysterious, a bit intriguing, a bit… hot.

So I proposed that, together, we work to return to that zone.

“I have a suggestion or 3,” I wrote.

  1. Let’s experiment with you saying “yes” unconditionally to a couple of requests/suggestions/assignments I might give you. Subject, of course, to boundaries/limitations/comfort.
  2. Let me in to your masturbation. Tell me about it. When. How. You don’t have to record yourself for me. But tell me before you start. Tell me after you finish. And tell me what you imagined or watched. And how you got yourself off.
  3. More thoughts to come. (And yours, of course, are welcome.)

Athena replied:

So number one sounds kind of okay but how can it be unconditional if there are conditions? I can try, but I can’t promise it’ll be completely unconditional. But I can try. 🙂

Says me:

I didn’t say unconditional. I said boundaries/limitations/comfort. Articulate your boundaries. I will thrive within them. She asked what I meant by boundaries. I gave some examples.

And I pushed her for her thoughts on 2 and 3….

She responded with some boundaries: No orgasms. No masturbation. No full nudity. Nothing during work hours. Which she then clarified with “nothing explicit during work hours.” A notable example I had given but which she did not include in her boundaries? No video.

I asked her to clarify her definition of full nudity, which led to a somewhat confusing and, to me, unresolved, resolution – her final clarification was “anything that would be blurred out on an explicit image.” Of course, this depends on where an explicit image might be. But. No matter. I don’t want anything approaching full nudity from Athena. She has no parts I haven’t seen in our stretching sessions, typically incidentally, or through sheer fabric. That’s not what I’m reaching for here. Nudity doesn’t make me hard, as I’ve written many many times: obstacles do. Subtlety does.

Our conversation came to a close without her providing any response to my #s 2 and 3….

So as I await those responses (I will not provide Athena with a request until she responds to them – that’s just how I roll – even if the response is, “I’m sorry, but I’m not comfortable with those”), I ruminate on the possibilities. Here is what’s drifting through my head at the moment:

  1. No masturbation? No orgasms? That sounds fun! Oh wait…. I think Athena meant something other than that she wouldn’t masturbate, that she wouldn’t have any (solitary) orgasms. But how about that? What would it be like either to eliminate them entirely for some period of time (a week? two weeks?) or to grant me control over one or both for such a period of time. I recognize this may well be over Athena’s boundary. It’s presented as a thought, an indication of where my mind heads on reading her words.
  2. Much hotter than watching masturbation for me? Watching a little teasing of the pussy. Tracing the edge of panties slowly, seductively. Since Athena isn’t ready to share her masturbation with me – since she’s teasing me with that (she actually promised she would come for me months and months ago and then found herself unable, too uncomfortable, too private, to deliver), maybe I’ll tease her a bit….
  3. Athena’s both private and social. I always want readers for my blog. Perhaps I’ll have her press against the edge of her comfort zone by asking her to provide the URL (or a QR code) of a post of mine featuring her to someone. A hot male stranger? A hot female stranger? Both?
  4. Athena’s breasts are spectacular. I’ve been thinking that they would be particularly spectacular in a wet, white, t-shirt.
  5. Athena’s thighs are magnificent. I might like to see them wide, to see her cunt in panties, in every pair of panties/lingerie she owns. (And I happen to know she has a fairly extensive collection at this point.)
  6. Related: I’ve posted a number of photoshoots I might like to see women in on this blog. Perhaps I’ll pick one of them (these three particularly appeal to me for Athena’s body – though my having recently asked Hera to duplicate two of them, and Charlotte, the third, makes it unlikely I’ll repeat any with Athena – I like to keep my shit different/separate). More likely, I’ll choose a different one – and ask Athena to replicate it for me. Either in video or photo. Or both.
  7. I love me a striptease.

I expect to be expansive in my request. Athena asked me to limit the frequency of my requests of her. This is no problem – I planned, at this time, just to make one request, and not a stream of them over time. Or rather, I planned to make one set of requests, and to give her the flexibility to execute those requests on her timetable – whatever it might be. To which timetable I would, however, ask her to commit.

So. As I wait for Athena to come back to me with either her demurral to or compliance with my request #2 (letting me into her masturbation a bit), and as I wait for any additional thoughts she may have, I will continue with my thinking. And I will, I expect, share this with her, so that she may have the opportunity to offer reactions as I develop my thoughts. And my fantasies.

And I have to say: I don’t know about her pussy, but this exercise is having a salutary effect on my cock.

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