A sense of aliveness

At the moment, I’m feeling richly endowed. There’s my personal life, the life about which I don’t write on this blog, which honestly couldn’t be richer at the moment.

But then, there’s the life about which I write on this blog. And there, too, it’s pretty rich. I have three regular girlfriends, each very different. They don’t compete either consciously with one another or practically in terms of availability or interests. Each is different.

But the way in which I feel most rich at the moment is in terms of stories. I have a gazillion stories. I can tell you some of them. I can tell you some of them in part. Some of them are great and some are awful. But…

I don’t know if this is an accurate proverb. I’ve heard, as I imagine you have, that a Chinese curse is, “May you live in interesting times.”  Well, I’m living in interesting times. And I’m a little overwhelmed by just how interesting my times are. Not overwhelmed in a bad way. Overwhelmed in a delightful, positive way.

I feel alive.

I feel a sense of vitality.

I know this is evanescent. I know that my tropism is toward feelings of deadness, not toward feelings of aliveness. But here I am in the moment, and I couldn’t feel more alive.

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