A scavenger hunt for Milica

Or something like that….

  1. Obtain consent from a friend or colleague to record a conversation in which you a) describe your relationship with me to them, and b) answer any questions they may have. Share the recording with me.
  2. Choose one pair of panties that you can part with. Edge in them several times, so they smell well and truly of your cunt. Wear them for most of a day. In the evening – an evening when you have plans – remove them in the middle of your plans and find a way to leave them somewhere in public (not in a restroom) where they will be discovered. Where they are at least as likely to be found by a man as a woman. And leave them there, showing me, photographically, both a close-up and a wider-angle view, so I have a sense of the setting.
  3. Tell two strangers – one male, one female – about our relationship. Report back.
  4. Give me an hour of control of your (soon-to-arrive) remote control vibrator. Schedule that hour with me so we can video chat throughout.
  5. Give me another hour when we will not video chat, but you will record a steady stream of audio; I will simply exercise control, with no knowledge of your circumstances (other than that you will not be at home, or in private).
  6. Send me one porn clip that you find hot.
  7. Show me the next three things you encounter in your online existence that you find interesting. Could be hot. Could be not.
  8. Pick a context in which you find yourself frequently that features a large number of people. Show me the man and the woman you find most attractive. Or. If you’re not comfortable showing me, describe them, comprehensively.
  9. Pick twenty minutes when you can freely narrate your experiences, thoughts, in the world. Tell me what, who, you see. Describe in as much detail as you can – as if you’re on the phone, but recording a voice memo for me.
  10. Pick a day. Task yourself with taking ten super hot pictures of yourself throughout the day – all, in public.

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