Claire stretches with me

In some ways, Claire is totally not my type.

She’s too young, for starters. Still in college.

Her attitude is that of a slightly over-confident hot woman who knows she’s hot, who knows her power over men – and which knowledge isn’t (at least in a way that I can see immediately) tempered by insecurity or vulnerability. I’m not saying she doesn’t have insecurity or vulnerability; I’m sure she does. I just don’t have access to it. At least not yet.

She is kinda dominant. In our second session together, she told me about some good sex she recently had – which sex was made good because she pretty much took what she wanted from her partner. Hot, in it’s way; not hot to me. Because I like to take what I want from my partner. And, I want my partner to want that.

And in our interactions, although we chat pretty openly/explicitly about sex, there’s not a real sexual connection. I don’t have the sense that she finds me attractive as anything other than a source of money. And that’s not hot to me. At. All. And while I find her easy on the eyes (physical description to come in some future post), the lack of sexual connection dwarfs any visual appreciation I may have.

And yet….

She has a curiosity and a creativity – and an openness – that I do find hot. Like, for example, in our second session stretching together, we were contemplating the possibility of her stretching with me in a ski mask, letting me record the session, and posting it here. That’s hot.

I’ve recorded a lot of sessions. All with permission. And none without. But I’ve never posted one here. Of course, all the sessions I’ve recorded have featured faces. Emma’s. Jude’s. Diana’s. Celeste’s. Athena’s. Leyla’s. But those sessions are insanely hot. They’re pretty formulaic at this point: I have a stretching routine that’s calculated both to maximize my limber-ness and my views. I do pretty much the same thing every time, regardless of my partner. But man – they are hot. And it literally never occurred to me to post a recording here. Notwithstanding a number of women’s fears that I might do so without their o.k.

So Claire and I are plotting this. She’s reading my blog. Looking for posts that get her off.

And, soon, she’ll buy herself a ski mask. And, once she’s in her apartment back at school? She’s gonna show you her pretty body as she stretches it for/with me. I promise you. You’ll like it.

Not Claires phenomenal ass But perhaps shell read this and send me a photo of her phenomenal ass to replace this image Or not 😉