Sushi with Charlotte

I enjoyed a delightful platonic dinner with the super sexy, super hot Charlotte. Cleo gave me a list of around 20 spectacular sushi restaurants, and I’m working my way through her list.

Tonight’s choice (Sushi on Jones) was definitely excellent. However, Sunday night is not the best night to have sushi since the fish markets are closed, and the fish isn’t quite as fresh as it is on other days of the week. Still, although we were the only patrons in the restaurant, the food was spectacular and not actually all that expensive, given the possibilities.

Charlotte is in the wake of a breakup. I represent fun for her, complicated fun, but fun nonetheless. And although tonight wasn’t the night for that fun to involve flesh, it was a fun evening. We caught up, talked about our various partners, and connected. She’ll go home and get herself off with the wand I bought her, and I will hear.

Maybe you will too…. [THIS JUST IN!]

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