Charlotte is just wowing me

After our first date – about which you now have read, slowlyCharlotte has continued to impress. She is progressing – albeit slowly – on her “Queen of Orgasms” project. She assented to a photographic assignment – to reproduce the following pictures for me:

I added to my request that she edge – that she bring herself to the very edge of coming – before taking each picture. And, that she come for me after she takes the final picture.

“When do you want it by?” she asked.

I want you to tell me when you can deliver it by. And then, I want it by then.

“The day after tomorrow,” she responded.

So that’s hot.

And…. I can’t count all the times I’ve listened to her come. There’s two she gave me the other day – this one:

and this one:

There’s last night’s orgasm, which she gave me after reading aloud to me this post, about our date. But I can’t share all of that with you, because it’s filled with her sweet, sexy voice, and she (understandably) would prefer not to be that identifiable here. But it’s ten-and-a-half minutes of incredible hotness. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

Her voice is spectacular.

I did manage to crop out just the orgasm part:

It’s about a minute and a quarter of hotness. Sadly, although it includes her incredibly sexy orgasmic breathing and gasping, you miss both her spirited, funny, and sexy reading of my post and her cock-rock-hardening “thank you” at the end.

And then, there’s two (so far) today – both, courtesy of her vibrator. The first, I’ve trimmed a bit – you can’t hear the beginning, and you can’t hear the very end. In the beginning, she tells me that a) she thinks the vibrator is too loud, and b) she’s about to turn it on, set the rhythm to “pulse,” and press it against her clit and come very fast. And then, c) that she’s spreading her legs wide. So. That one you only hear part of:

The “oh my gods” are… well, just, oh my GOD!

And then, here’s the second one, which you hear from start to finish, all that I heard:

Charlotte. Makes. My. Cock. Hard.

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