Instructions for Cleo

First, thank you.

Thank you for navigating these first days through the process of negotiating terms on which I will begin to assert control over you. It’s been interesting, fun, hard, and hard. But now, for the next hour, you are mine.

I was struggling with three different ideas as to how I might wish to use you in this hour.

My first thought was, I want to direct your body. To cause you to provide me with a thousand pictures of you (or as many as you could manage in an hour), inspired by, replicating, a hot photoshoot. I hunted a bit, and I came up with this one. Which is, honestly, super hot. (I’m posting a few photos from the shoot here, and sending you the entire shoot via back channel.) I love the idea both of you executing it for me and of me receiving it.

As I thought about it, though, I thought, for your first assignment, this is both too much and at the same time, not quite enough of what I need from you.

Which led me to my second thought.

I want to pose your pretty body in a variety of ways that maximize my arousal. I want to give you photoshoots, and ask you to replicate them – photoshoots I find that – when I complicate you replicating them make my cock rock fucking hard. This is something I want very much. But. This is your first assignment for me. And I want to give you a different one, at this time. So that led to my third thought….

Some days ago, I told you I want to begin to compile a catalog of your clothes. Initially, I planned to ask you to make this catalog for me. Turns out, you’re too  time-constrained for this to be the right approach. So then, I thought, I will learn about your panties not by having you add them all to my catalog, but by having you simply send me as many photos of your cunt and ass in panties – two photos per pair – as you can manage in an hour.

That sounds really fucking hot to me.

But then, I decided to combine my second and third thoughts. This is how you will spend your my hour:

We are going to begin the project of creating a comprehensive catalog of all your clothing, starting with the presentation I initiated. Our focus will initially be on bras and panties. Here you see five photos. They feature a model not as beautiful, not as hot, not as dirty as you. She has been posed with superior lighting and camera work than what you will achieve.

No matter.

Your objective is to initiate a tour of all your lingerie, commencing with the most luxurious and expensive pieces, and proceeding downward through your collection, concluding with your everyday wear. We likely won’t complete this tour today, but your aim is to cover as much ground as possible, starting with the most elaborate items.

For every set, your task is to match panties with bras until you run out of pairs. (Unless you have exactly the same number of bras as panties, this is inevitable.)

From that point, you may find yourself either topless (most likely), or bottomless. Should you be without bottoms, feel free to exclude the lower half from those photos.

For each matching set, I want to see you in four or, if you’re comfortable with your face being included, five poses similar to those depicted in the attached images.

Some guidelines:

  1. Do not worry about timing, lighting, or decor.
  2. Avoid editing or selecting or curating the best shots. I expect at least one photo of each set in each pose, but you are welcome to take more if you wish. Do not reject any shots. It’s fine if you take multiple shots in any angle. I want them all.
  3. Remember, your priority is speed over quality.

I anticipate dozens, if not hundreds, of photos within the hour.

Regarding the submission of these photos, choose the method that maximizes efficiency. Whether that means sending each photo immediately or waiting until the end to send them all, the primary consideration should be quantity and speed, not artistry.

Once you have completed the task and I have received the last of the photos from your hour-long endeavor, please inform me of when I may next have another hour of your time in this manner – specific day, specific time, that you will put in your calendar, and protect. I may opt to continue this project or use the time differently, at my discretion. 

Now, please begin your work.

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