Shame (#231,645)

Shame, for me, implicates a number of other emotions and concepts. Here’s the beginning of a list, one that makes only minimal concessions to parallel structure:

Horror, regret, guilt, contrition.

Cold, shivering, vulnerable, annihilating, dissolution, fragmentation.

Desire, longing, craving, need.

Disgust, contempt, judgment, revulsion.

Sadness, fear, loss, abandonment, overwhelm.

Badness, dirtiness, impurity, stain, contamination, pollution.

Visibility, invisibility. Being seen. Being hidden. Being unseen.

Delusion, confusion, misapprehension, misunderstanding.

Accuracy and inaccuracy, truth and mistake. Certainty, uncertainty, obliviousness.

Disequilibrium, vulnerability, fragility.

Fragile, broken, shattered.

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