Meet Nika

Nika is 26. Her face is long, her hair brunette, lustrous. 

Her eyes, I think, are green, and her lips are full and rich, deep red. 

Her smile is broad and happy, with a tiny hint of sadness in it. 

Her body is curvy. I’m just getting to know it. I can’t say too much about it. Yet. 

She comes across as innocent. 

It surprised me, the first time I heard the word “pussy” come from her mouth, in her thick Afrikaans accent. 

Like me, she is on Seeking with a quixotic quest, something somewhat different from what most people there seek. It may be that our respective idiosyncratic quests align well with one another. 

Speaking with her brings me back to another lifetime, one in which I traveled extensively in South Africa and spent lots of time getting to know the people there. For better or for worse, I associate her accent with some of the most difficult experiences I had in South Africa. Not her fault. Something for me to get over. 

I’m looking at a black-and-white picture of her from her “Seeking” profile as I write this – one in which her head is cocked to one side, her smile is wide, her eyes are big, and she’s wearing a glittery black blazer. 

She seems modest, restrained. 

I wonder if that’s right.

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