Polina, and how I want to see HER

Polina looked at my post about how I want to see Nicole, what I thought might be “fun.” And as she did, I realized/remembered that EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT, that what I want of Polina might well be quite different from what I want from Nicole. So I thought I’d make a list of what comes to my mind when I think of having Polina’s pretty face/body in front of me:

Pantyhosetights and a little black dress
Booty shorts
Denim shorts
A one piece swimsuit
A flouncy summer dress
A sheer bodysuit
Anything that allows me to see her lovely C D cup breasts to move without restraint<br >this but without the bra

Interestingly, though I don’t often like black for my online stretching partners (it tends to get lost in Zoom), somehow Polina’s camera, and her internet connection, and her white flesh, have me craving black. (She’s 5000 miles away, or has been; the next time we meet, she’ll be 5 miles away. I’ll be interested to see if her internet connection is as good.)

Every woman has features which especially attract my attention and admiration. Thighs, far and away, predominate for me – most women, it’s their eyes and their thighs for me. Polina is an exception. Nothing against her thighs – they’re big, strong, meaty. I would enjoy biting them, for sure; having them squeeze my ears.


It is her ass and her breasts – both of which are round, big, soft, but firm – that I find myself insatiably drinking in. And so, it is her ass and her breasts that I want to see featured in whatever it is I see her wearing. And that I will continue to see….

This is actually Polinas pretty chest

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