Inspiring Nicole; Nicole inspiring me

You got something I haven’t seen? Anything fun?

I’m not sure what you mean by fun but if there’s something specific you want me to wear I’m sure I could.

So went a recent exchange with Nicole, with whom I’ve stretched maybe half a dozen times. My schedule has been pretty atrocious for a month or three now, and hers has almost no overlap with mine. (Also true of Persian Kitty. And of Athena. And of Leyla. And Persephone.)

I went back and looked at posts I’ve written before to see if I have ever written an answer to this question. I don’t think I have. I’ve bought some things (click these links to see them) for Persephone, Leyla, and Athena, and Bri (who basically ghosted me). And I’ve expressed a whole lot of preferences along the way. But I haven’t written anything here.


What did I mean by “fun”?

I suppose I should start by what I didn’t mean. I wasn’t saying, “I want to see you nude.” Or, “I want to see you in lingerie.” Although I suppose I might like to see her in lingerie, if it were the right lingerie. (See the “Leyla” selection above….)

No, what I meant, I suppose, was one or more of the following:

  • Office attire
  • A little black dress
  • Swimsuit (one-piece or bikini)
  • Any bodysuit or romper
  • Anything sheer/transparent
  • Jeans a t-shirt (no bra)
  • Anything that gives me a hope of a surreptitious glimpse of cleavage, or underboob, or sideboob. Or panties, or thighs. [I like surreptitious even more than obvious, open.]

I’m sure I could come up with some other examples of things that might be “fun,” but there’s a start for you.


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