Athena’s lingerie

Athena‘s been seeing a guy. That, coupled with her being in a really inconvenient time zone, and we haven’t seen as much of one another as I might like.

The guy Athena’s been seeing has been schooling her, a bit, in the art of cunnilingus – something, you may recall, Athena had told me she didn’t particularly enjoy. Well – times have changed. It seems Athena’s discovered the delights of getting her clit licked while her partner’s skillful hands press, probe, push, pull, and penetrate her.

One day, she’ll be back in my time zone, and I continue to hold out hope that, once that happens, she’ll let me feast on her pretty pussy, bury my head between her “thunderous” (her word) thighs. Until then, though, I am left to use her as long-distance motivation once a week or so to stay limber.

The guy she’s been seeing wants to see her in lingerie. It seems that both he and she are a bit clueless, though, on the whole lingerie front. So I’ve been having fun window-shopping, looking at Agent Provocateur, Journelle, Gooseberry Intimates, and (OMG) Shein at what might look best on Athena. Truth is, just about anything would – her big, round, breasts; her thick, meaty, thighs; her round, heavy (but perfectly toned) ass. All that would just look so fucking good in any of the below:

Journelle Natalia bodysuit
Journelle Paradiso teddy
Gooseberry Lush balcony
Agent Provocateur Henrieta
Agent Provocateur Fia Ouvert
Agent Provocateur Lindie

And then, there’s Shein…. The prices are just so fucking ridiculous, it all must be made of paper. But some of it looks kinda fun:

Surely, soon, I will see Athena in some – and maybe even all – of this.

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