Bri wrestles with being submissive, with submitting to ME (and we wrestle a little along the way)

As Bri and I discussed whether, and the extent to which, she might be submissive, I thought it might be helpful to provide her with a little questionnaire. This was not intended to answer that particular question, the question of “is Bri submissive,” but rather, to answer the question, “Do Bri and N have the hope of future interactions in which she submits to him in ways that feel good, and exciting, to both of them?”

To skip to the answer to the question, it’s a resounding yes. At the bottom of this post, you will find the questionnaire I sent her (or you can follow this link to it). You may, if you wish, fill it in yourself. Although I wrote it very specifically with Bri in mind, devoted readers will recognize all sorts of familiar tropes in it, and although whatever I might require of another would certainly differ from what I might require of Bri, one’s answers to this particular quiz surely will go a long way toward establishing the existence or absence of a certain compatibility between me and just about anyone.

Before I get to the questionnaire, though, here were the most exciting takeaways from Bri’s responses:

She answered “That sounds really fucking hot!” to five questions:

  • Sending me panties and/or a bra I bought for her, in which she had come for me.
  • Receiving/trying on/showing me her in clothing bought for her, with gift receipts provided. And adhering to a comprehensive set of rules re: the clothing (constraining when, where, she can wear it, and requiring her to wear it on request, all while showing me).
  • Giving me fifteen minutes of her time to spend as I might choose.
  • Teasing her cunt with her vibrator in her panties, and showing me, for thirty seconds per vibrator. But not coming.

In addition, to nineteen other questions, she answered “4,” which was one above “neutral” and one less than “really fucking hot,” which I’m taking as, “HOT, but not REALLY fucking hot.” Highlights of that list? Completing photoshoots for me (she clarified she does not want to include her face in any such shoots – no worries – I’m fine with that). Recording lots of videos for me of her in various of her clothes. Coming. Edging. Etc. Sending me photos on demand. And, most important: committing to communicate with me and to manage my expectations.

I have very high hopes for Bri. There is much potential for fun here. Though I will say: it’s all a bit of an experiment for her. As much as she says these things sound hot to her, the proof, surely, will be in the pudding.

Next up: I will propose some terms of an agreement between Bri and me as we are off to the races.

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