I offer a realm in which you may do nothing but what I ask, and in which you know you will be safe.

In which you exist for my pleasure. And you’re mine.

In which your senses are heightened. And they’re mine.

In which your arousal is guaranteed. And it’s mine.

In which your orgasms are plentiful. And they’re mine.

In which your pussy is wet. And it’s mine.

In which your whole body pulses. And it’s mine.

In which you exist in the space between scared, excited, curious, desperate. And amused. Because serious is a serious turn-off.


I demand from you compliance.

Do what I ask.

Don’t ask “why,” don’t say “no.”

Be honest with me: I want your compliance, I don’t want your complacency, or suffering.

When what I do makes you wet, I want to know; when we’re nearing your edge, I want to know.


Trust me. I won’t take you (too far) past that edge.

Shall we?


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