Hookers, escorts, and sugar babies

Cindy asked me about the distinction between sugar baby and escort. I gave it my best shot, here.

This launched Hera and me into a discussion. It quickly became entertaining. Actually, it started off entertaining:

She wrote me, “I have a perspective and bar chart(s) on this. I thought I didn’t agree with you at first, but now I do, good job. +10 for you.”

“Do share!” I replied. Bar chart(s)?!?!? Little makes my dick harder.

Twelve minutes later, this (or rather, a pen/paper version of this) came through my e-mail:

I liked this. A lot.

I grabbed a piece of paper. And started thinking.

I sent that to Hera.

And typed “slides.new” into my Chrome search bar, and began a more formal presentation.

On the first slide, the title slide, I wrote, “Hookers, escorts, and sugar babies.” Underneath, in italics, “Please feel free to make your own contributions.”

On the next slide, I inserted three graphics:

Hera added some comments: “These are good,” she wrote. “I’m not sure about the silicone boob thing, but that’s because it’s not something I really take note of for some reason.” She didn’t comment on my (clever, I thought) invention of the first ever “breast chart.”

Of my self-deception chart, Hera wrote, “Society likes deceiving itself, too. It is far more acceptable to say, ‘I have a sugar daddy’ than ‘I have a john,’ or even worse, ‘I have a pimp.'” <– True that

I agreed. “SD is almost a boast.”

On my next slide, I sketched out a hypothesis I had. Not one I had put all that much thought into, but nonetheless:

In my mind, escorts are drawn from the same pool as models. Too tall. Too thin. And sugar babies are drawn from the same pool as comp lit grad students. Short. Cute. And hookers? Well, I sort of imagine them as all over the map. So, you know, average height. I don’t have any evidence to support this hypothesis. But. I like it. Hera wrote, “Doesn’t match the pattern, but I’m inclined to agree.” I think I’m onto something here.

I made one more:

Hera added a note: “Education and length of interactions also fall on these scales. Education is a controversial one … but, it’s not uncommon to see girls having SD’s ‘help out’ with their tuition for post grad… compare that to the girls on the corner near me……. 😬” <– See? She had the same image in her mind that I had when making my height chart, evidently.

Some days passed, and Hera added a slide, with these three images stacked atop one another:

Another couple of days, and Hera sent me her last contribution:

Hera’s mind – and her familiarity with worlds with which I’m unfamiliar – both are tantalizing. You will, surely, be hearing, and seeing, much much more.

Postscript: This post was written a while ago. I didn’t put it up because a) I was waiting for the first set of charts by Hera in non-pen form, and b) I’ve just had a lot going on and haven’t been able to get to it. But. Hera responded to the draft of this with these two breast charts, which also are most excellent:

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