Dreaming about catsuits

I sent these to Hera. “I need to see you like this,” I said.

She liked this assignment. And she fucking nailed it, giving me nearly precisely what I’d asked for. (She omitted one of the two photos of her legs spread, one in the air, her pussy facing me. Which was a bummer. But I’m a forgiving soul.)

The one photo she did send of her legs spread, one in the air, her pussy facing me? It’s just insanely hot.

In the photo she sent, her black knee-high socks end an inch or two above her knees, exposing 18 inches of pale, lean flesh, before the fabric of the bodysuit appears, nestled in the “V” of her crotch… it did something to me. I mean, the entirety of the image is powerful: her jet black hair, draped over the left half of her face, hanging below her left breast and behind her right shoulder. The black fabric (cotton? silk? polyester? I can’t tell, but in my fantasy, it’s silk) is just a little loose over her right breast, sliding down, the curve of the breast edging out from where the fabric gathers around her nipple. Her skin is unblemished, unscarred. Not a freckle. Not a tattoo. Not a birthmark. At least, not visible to me. Just milky white flesh. Her head is cocked slightly to the right. Her lips – full, moist, are slightly parted. Her right cheek is visible from chin to just above the nose. The nose, though, is not visible. Except as the slightest hint of a nostril.

Her left heel obscures just a tiny bit of the view of her cunt (or where her cunt is obscured by fabric), tantalizing me.

“When I look at that picture of your thighs, open, your cunt obscured by the bodysuit, you know what I fucking NEED? What my cock is aching as I imagine?”

“Second benefits the first. And tell me, both.”

“Wait. I’m confused. I thought there was only one thing, but apparently, you discerned two!”

“Only because there were two question marks, could be the same answer to both.”

“Ah. Yes. Well. It is.”

“I’m all ears if you care to share.”

“It’s to see (ideally, live, but hey, some things have to wait) you trace the seam of the bodysuit, along the crease of the inside of your thighs, up and down, around, with your fingers, and then, lightly, to cross your pussy, pressing just a tiny bit against your clit. And then, back to the seams. And then, back to your clit. None of that so much that it gives you much in the way of physical pleasure. Just so it gives me visual pleasure and you, perhaps, a slight tickling sensation, but not much more.

In my fantasy, that’s like a feature-length film of nothing but that.

But in my reality (or at least, in my more likely fantasy), it’s more like 3-5 minutes.”

Time will tell about the relationship between reality and fantasy. But I’m excited….

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