We are so fucked (news, but not news)

I won’t say more than this, because I just don’t have words. But….

  1. NY and CA should, forthwith, pass laws parallel to the Texas law permitting anyone to sue for damages from anyone aiding an abortion, targeting a) support of the Republican party, and b) any transaction involving a gun that subsequently is used in a crime. I should be able to sue ANYONE who materially supports a Republican for $10k damages. Just like a Texan can sue me if I help a Texan woman get an abortion. And, I should be able to sue ANYONE who sells, or facilitates the sale of, or manufactures, a gun subsequently used in a crime, for $10k damages. Let’s see how the fuckers on the Supreme Court distinguishes between those laws and Texas’s one.
  2. See “The Onion.”

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