Gifts I’m always happy to receive

  • A note telling me how you’re feeling and relating that to the giving of gifts to me (such as: I would love to send you a picture of my face right now, but I feel shitty)
  • Just about any communication that expresses desire for me, or a desire to please me
  • A photo of your pretty face
  • A photo of your pretty thighs and cunt in what you’re wearing
  • A photo of your delicious ass
  • A note telling me you’re thinking of me
  • Anything I’ve asked you for previously that you haven’t been able to get to me
  • A promise that you know you can, and will, keep
  • A recording of your voice
  • A video of you teasing your pussy for me for any amount of time equal to or greater than five seconds
  • A photo of your surroundings – the place? the people? the food? the drinks?
  • Photos of you dressing, or undressing
  • A handwritten note of any length
  • Anything you’ve seen you think I might enjoy (on Twitter, TikTok, the Internet, in real life)
  • A restaurant you want to eat in
  • A place you want to go
  • A comprehensive update on the men in your life
  • A blowjob
  • Nearly anything else that comes NOT in response to a request, but of your own volition

I intend these to provide you with a low-cost option to remind me that I exist, that you could, theoretically, pepper me with regularly. My goal isn’t to pressure you, but to provide a way to please me with minimal effort.


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