White fuzzy pajama set

I had asked Julie to wear her white fuzzy pajama set – a pair of shorts and a top with buttons. “I want to write up this session,” I said to her.

“Ok,” she said. And, the next day, she greeted me as directed, in her short shorts and buttoned top. I like this outfit for several reasons: first, foremost, because it’s loose. It gives me all sorts of hints of views, without actually being explicit. It also just looks really soft, and inviting. It’s hard for me to see the fabric of the shorts against her flesh and not imagine my hands on the fabric, pressing it against her, collecting the sensations of fabric and friction and flesh and frottage….

So, the session began with Julie’s phenomenal, full ass in my face, her legs open wide, as she stretched her arms over her head. As she did so, her shorts rode up, exposing the bottom of her ass, the crease between her ass and her thighs. The fabric wedged between her buttocks, a deep crease visible. And her top lifted a couple of inches, revealing the flesh of her back, above the top of her shorts. The sides of the shirt, wide, awakened my hope, my expectation, that I would have some glimpses not just of the shirt, but of the flesh beneath it as the loose fabric dropped away from her skin in at least some of the poses that lay ahead.

We were thirty seconds into the session and my cock was hard.

Julie stretched over the right, her right hand reaching down her leg, her left, up to the sky, and the top rode up her left side, revealing five or six inches of her dorsal flesh. At the same time, the bottom of her shorts on that same left side rose a bit, too, revealing not just the crease between ass and thigh, but an inch or two of the round bottom of her ass. As I mimicked her position, her pose, I drank her in. She lingered in that position for a few moments (10 seconds? 15?) and I realized that I had a slight glimpse of her right side, as well, under the shirt. Part of what I love about this top is just how much space there is between her flesh and the fabric, and just how much of that space I get to see. It’s not that I’m seeing her topless; that wouldn’t be that exciting. No, it’s that I’m getting to steal glimpses of flesh, glimpses that are both hidden and revealed, that I both have permission to see and am ostensibly denied.

Stealing glances on the subway, on the street, is aggressive; looking down a woman’s blouse, up her skirt – that’s a hostile act, taking something that isn’t mine, that isn’t intended for me. And there’s a thrill in it, sure, but there’s also a sense of reluctance, guilt, conflict: I don’t want to take what isn’t mine. I want everything to be mine!

Julie allows me to play on the knife edge, here: I’m not stealing; she’s revealing. But she’s doing so in a way that preserves – almost in pantomime – the illusion of theft. The thrill of taking what’s not mine without the transgression, the aggression, the theft.

And so as she bent, I imagined that, soon enough, I might not just see her back, her side, but I might catch a glimpse of the curve of her breast, or even a nipple….

Right around this moment, Julie craned her head around to look at her screen. She doesn’t do this often; mostly, she seems to feel more comfortable being the object of my gaze, and not having to worry about eye contact, about seeing me drink her in. She clearly likes knowing that my eyes are fixed on her ass, on her back, on her cunt, on her tits; but she doesn’t necessarily want to have to engage with that head-on, eye-to-eye. Except, in this moment, apparently, she wanted to check. Or something. (Maybe she just wanted to make sure the angle was right on her screen.)

She came back up to center and repeated the bend, this time, to the left. Her right ass cheek emerged from her shorts as she did so, and as I leaned to my left, I was a happy guy.

We held that pose for 10 or 15 seconds before coming up to center, pressing our hands against our hips, stretching back, and then diving forward. HOLY FUCK, DIVING FORWARD!

  1. It’s hard to overstate how phenomenal Julie’s ass is, how powerfully my cock responds to seeing it, close up, with her hi-res camera and perfect WiFi, the nubs of her pajamas visible, the texture of the fabric, and of her flesh, palpable.
  2. As Julie bent forward, her top fell away from her, and I was looking up, through the space between her top and her chest, all the way to her face. The light silhouetted the curves of her breasts as I drank in this particular privileged view. Julie bent her knees and straightened, bent and straightened, several times, each time giving me a little glimpse of those curves.
  3. Then, she walked her hands over to the right and, for the first time (I think) since we’ve been doing this, I actually caught a glimpse of her (left) nipple. The fabric hung low enough, the space between her thighs, open, provided a clear path, and her breast was visible. Damn. That’s fucking hot. But it was just a tiny moment, a tiny glimpse…. She hung there, to the right, her ass in my face, bending her left knee, straightening (and giving a glimpse of her nipple), bending, straightening.
  4. She walked her hands to the left ankle, and again, I saw her nipple. This time, actually, I saw both. And then, she bent and straightened, bent and straightened, but with no more nipple views. Just a stellar view of her ass, the white fuzzy material nestled between her butt cheeks.
  5. She walked back to center, and for a blissful moment, I saw both breasts, nearly completely. Dark, shadowed, but visible. My guess is they’re 34B. They’re perfect, whatever size they are – round, perky, delicious.
  6. And she hung, her ass in my face, her hands on the floor, her chest visible (and her chin) through the fuzzy shirt hanging down low. I imagined my fingers in her cunt, my tongue on her clit. I imagined her sitting back, lowering that pretty ass on my face. And nearly missed her next instruction….
  7. She bent, and straightened, leaving me once again with her pretty ass in my face. She brought her feet together, and dove down again, bending her elbows and hanging. I did the same, but craned my face up, straining my neck, to take in her ass, the fabric bunching up, threatening to reveal her panties, or her labia, but not making good on the threat….
  8. She lowered her hands to the ground, and then lifted her left hand to the sky, lifting her left buttock a bit, inviting me to crane my head as if I could look around her side and have a better view up her top. [Note to self: I need to rotate her about 10-15 degrees one of these days for a better diversity of views.]
  9. She lowered her left hand, and raised her right hand to the sky, giving me (I think?) another tiny glimpse of that left nipple. But I can’t be sure. [All this is so hard on my neck – bending over, stretching, exerting myself, all while trying never to let my eyes drift from the phenomenal view that’s motivating me.]
  10. She then walked herself forward into a plank, her long legs and ass now dominating my view, and, again, her shirt hanging low, presenting a frustrating temptation to slide her just an inch or two to the left or right so I could see past the obstruction presented by her pretty legs.
  11. She lowered herself to the floor, and pressed herself up into “cobra pose.” Cobra pose sometimes makes her ass look… strange. Other times, it makes it look delectable. Today? Delectable. The creases of her thighs and ass were especially prominent. Her hair, in a ponytail, hung down her back, resting on the white fuzzy top. As I pushed myself into the same pose, my hard cock dug into the floor pleasantly. If a bit painfully.

At about this time, I pressed “mute” on my Zoom, so I could record my thoughts to myself on my phone without disturbing her patter.

12. Julie lowered herself again to the floor, and lifted her arms and legs straight in front of and behind her. She lifted and lowered herself, and then, began to “swim” with them.

Around now, I started imagining (hoping) that her pussy might be a little wet, that, as she lifted and lowered her legs, her labia squeezed her clit, sliding up and down, delivering a delicious sensation of both slipperiness and friction, movement and pressure. The sensation for me? All about my cock pressing into the floor. And, my face (virtually) pressing between her thighs.

13. Julie lifted herself up onto all fours, and then lowered herself into child’s pose.

A great ass In childs pose Julies is better

I had asked her, a week or three ago, to be sure to slide herself just a bit forward when she does this, so I can be sure not to lose the bottom of her pretty ass off the screen. Mostly, she’s done that. But lately, she’s slacked off just a bit, and while her full ass remained visible, it was only barely so – the bottom of it – the best part, where the seam of the fabric is stretched out by her thighs, encasing her pussy – was nestled against the very bottom of my screen, and even extended just a tiny bit below it. I want much more space between the bottom of the screen and the bottom of her cunt: I want to be able to imagine my head, or my hand, or my cock, or all of them, there. Hard to do when the screen cuts my fantasy off….

14. After a solid 30 meditative seconds, Julie walked her hands over to the left (and of course, I did the same). Then, back across center to the right. Then, back to center again….

I love being in child’s pose, but it’s one of the more awkward poses (second only to downward dog) in which to maintain visual connection to her pretty body.

15. Now, for my favorite part: some weeks ago, I asked Julie to be sure she never skipped what she calls “puppy pose,” what I think of as “doggystyle.” She walks her hands forward, lifts her ass into the air, and invites me to imagine fucking her either doggystyle or (better), piledriver….

Also great Also not Julies Which also is better

16. After 15 or 30 seconds in puppy pose, Julie lifted herself up, first to all fours, and then, stepped her right leg in front of her, and lifted her left hand up to the sky. A good pose for my left hamstring, and my side-body. And my right calf. The view, though, was less spectacular than some I recently had been enjoying.

17. She straightened herself out, lowered her arm, and sat back, straightening her right leg and bending over it, getting a deep hamstring stretch. This pose is really hard for me, because my back. I tend to stay erect (heh heh) as I straighten my leg, taking the stretch, but skipping the forward bend. Regardless, it brought her ass back into better view for me, so I was happy. And then, she straightened her left leg, bent her right, and moved forward again. Showing me the pretty crease of her left thigh/ass. And again, inviting me to imagine her pussy, wet, and the slipperiness of it all as she moves her thighs relative to one another.

18. She turned her right foot outward, deepening the stretch – and improving the view both of her left ass cheek and her right thigh – and increasing the space between her thighs, which – well, that’s just always a good thing for me.

We now repeated 17 and 18 on the other side. With all the same thoughts and feelings…. Again, as she turned her left foot out, I was struck by just how expansive and inviting is the space between her thighs. And again, I wondered about fluids there. (I have the fantasy that, one day, I’ll notice just a little… seepage… as we work out. I doubt it, but a boy can hope.)

19. Back to tabletop, and she stretched her right leg out behind her. (More clitoral stimulation, I imagined.) She lifted the leg, and her left arm, and brought them in toward each other, and back out again. The views of her thighs, of her cunt (covered, of course, by the fuzzy white shorts), and the imagination of the sensations she might be experiencing, made my cock ache.

And we repeated 19, again, on the other side….

20. Up into a high plank, her legs (too close) together, the shorts nestled comfortably in the “V” of thigh creases, the top, again, hanging down tantalizingly, while offering nothing up because of her legs.

21. Julie pushed back into a downward dog, her thighs just a little too close for me to capture another glimpse of her breasts. Instead, I had to content myself with craning my neck upward as I did the same, to take in still more of her legs, her ass, and what I imagined lay just to the side of the space I could see through her legs, under her top, up to her face, looking back at me.

See above

22. She stepped her feet in, and hung down, her hands touching the floor, her knees slightly bent, my view still obstructed. But still, also, phenomenal.

Julie came back up to standing, adjusted her top. Her shorts had ridden up just a bit, and the crease between thigh and ass was stark on both sides. She turned around to face me, and invited me to sit.

23. She sat, first in frog pose – her pretty face now competing with her thighs and cunt for my visual attention. She lifted her right ankle ove her left thigh, lifted her hands high over her head, and twisted to her right. (I did the same, though my hips are much tighter than hers; this is a more complex endeavor for me.) Her pretty face in profile, her ponytail high on her head, I continued to twist my head awkwardly so as not to lose my view. Julie straightened up, lifted her hands over her head again, and this time, bent forward. Here, too, my body isn’t anywhere near as limber as hers. My forward bend is pretty… limited… in this position. No worries. My view was still good.

24. Switch sides. Repeat.

25. Julie put her left leg in front of her, her right, behind, and sat up straight. I did the same. Her pretty face (sometimes I think of Sasha Grey. Sometimes Adria Rae) now gets my full attention.

Well. Not my full attention because, her legs akimbo that way, her pussy/thighs are crying out for some attention…. And they do get some.

And that’s heightened, as she rolls her hip first backward, then forward, and as she does so, she opens up just a little space between the edge of her shorts and her thigh, and then she closes it again. Can I catch a glimpse of panties that lie beneath? (Do panties lie beneath?) The answer is, sadly, no. (Not that panties don’t lie beneath; that I can’t catch a glimpse.)

26. We repeat on the other side. Same moves. Same thoughts. Same sensations.

27. Julie lies back. She presses her feet together in “frog pose,” and her knees drop open, wide, feeding me her thighs, and her cunt, unabashedly. The shorts now lift a bit off her thighs, inviting my eyes to imagine seeing upwards to where I’m not supposed to. But of course, I can’t, quite. All of which is fine. I do so prefer the tease….

28. Julie crosses an ankle over a knee, and lifts the leg, stretching her magnificent glutes. I do the same, adjusting my laptop so I can maintain my view.

29. We switch sides.

30. We sit up and face one another. Julie rolls out her neck. I do the same. I keep my rolls in sync with hers, as if we were fucking – our bodies in sync – but it’s just our heads, just our necks. No matter….

Julie comes close to the camera. Announces that we’re done. And we say good-bye.

My cock is hard. My body is stronger, more limber. (And we have no idea what’s happened in Julie’s body….)

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