Two hours

You are so very fortunate to have the opportunity to feast on my cock for two hours. You may not feel that way. You may feel a chore awaits you. I hope you don’t. And if you do, I hope I can persuade you to reorient yourself, to strive for, to achieve, a new attitude.

First, you might read these three posts. I’m not a fan of symmetry. I’m not proposing you should feel as I do when I’m licking your pussy, that you should think what I think. I am suggesting you aspire to your own version of the ecstatic, ravenous desire I feel when my head is between your delicious, pale, meaty thighs.

Now. Here are a few thoughts that might pass through your head while you’re engaged with my cock, a few feelings that might pass through your body:

1. How I began this post: I hope you might feel lucky to have this chance. I often respond to your hot photos, especially when they’re close to a planned date, with “I’m so fucking lucky,” or “I’m a lucky guy.” Tonight, you are a lucky girl. I truly hope you are able to access that feeling.

2. When sex is good, I never want it to end. I hope you have the opportunity to feel not impatient for the end, but sad when it comes, when I come.

3. I hope you can feel curiosity and excitement about experimenting with my cock, about the different sensations available to you as you use your tongue, your lips, your hands, your jaw, in every way imaginable. As you develop new techniques. About the different sensations available to me, about the different responses you elicit: subtle movements, changes in breath, words, moans, movements of my hands, my hips, my legs, my cock.

4. Similar: I hope you can find curiosity about the feel of my cock, the taste of my cock, as you devote yourself to it. That you can savor its texture, its temperature, its internal pulse, its external movements.

5. I hope you are able to feel, to delight in, the power you hold. Sure, the negative power associated with my vulnerability with my cock between your lips, so close to your teeth. But much more than that, the positive power you hold to deliver me to ecstasy.

6. I’m not a fan of the language of those who purport to love cock worship, but …. I hope you are able to worship my cock nonetheless, to devote yourself to the ecstatic appreciation of, and ministration to, it, as if you were a nun in an abbey worshipping God, as if you were St Teresa, rapturous in her relationship to Christ.

7. Other random thoughts I might wish you could have, in simpler terms:

– please, God, let him never come so this never ends.

– this is the most fucking delicious cock I’ve ever tasted [as I’ve written, when I’m having good sex, I generally feel it’s the best sex I’ve ever had – I wish this good fortune to you].

– I’ve been doing this (particular technique/approach) for nearly a minute. I can’t wait to come back to it, but it’s time to change it up. What shall I do next? I know!

– Lollypop, lollypop, oh lolly, lolly, lolly!

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