Shelby owes me three hours

Twenty minutes: Have a drink or two. Relax. Take at least one (different, hot) picture per minute for twenty minutes (no fewer than twenty; more welcome). 

Five minutes: Spend five minutes teasing your cunt outside your clothing for me, showing me on video. Please don’t come.

Five minutes: Spend five minutes touching underneath your clothing showing me on video. Please don’t come. 

Throughout these and all instructions, please don’t make me wait for photos/videos; please press send/share on each as you complete it.

One hour: model at least four dresses and panties, for me. At least four photos in each. Full body, thighs and cunt with panties visible. Ass, with panties visible. And on your knees, looking down, hands behind your back (if you can manage with a timer; otherwise, feel free to skip this one). In each dress/panties, please shoot two minutes of video of pussy touching, one minute over your panties, one minute under. If you have more time, show me more outfits in the same progression. Please don’t come.

One hour: same as above, but with skirts and tops and panties. And include fifteen seconds of teasing your breasts through, over, each top. (And optionally, fifteen more seconds under.) If you have more time, show me more. Please don’t come. 

Fifteen minutes: bathing suits. I’ll send two give you options for three photo shoots. Please compile these into two three separate emails for me. Ideally, each in a different swimsuit. I recognize this may not be possible. One swimsuit is fine, if need be. (One done)

Five minutes (or as much longer as you like – the more the better): Come for me. I want to see on video. Preferably your face. But if you aren’t comfortable with that (which I would understand), then your cunt. Clothed? Nude? Your choice.

And please don’t answer your phone if it rings/you get texts/etc. Unless it’s me. In which case, please do answer.

I may drop in.

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